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Russian Singer Rips Off Taeyang

Oy vey.

Normally, I would say "perhaps the songwriter sold the rights to multiple artists" which happens often, but this woman is saying that she is the songwriter and composer...

Listen for yourself!

Here's Eyes Nose Lips to compare.

Judging by the 15k+ dislikes on her video, I think VIPs have heard about this lol...

EDIT: omfg yg got it taken down LOL

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I went to go listen to it and its been copyrighted by YG....I guess that solves it!
9 months agoReply
bahahah i just saw omg! go yg haha
9 months ago
I tried to listen to it but it already taken down by YG
9 months agoReply
I just saw omg!!!
9 months ago
Oh wow... that's a total rip-off. Did she think she can get away with it? It sounds almost identical. -_-
9 months agoReply
ummm exuse me ...boi there are like 1000+ people that know taeyang worte it so just stop ...please stop embarrassing yourself馃槮馃槮馃槼馃槱
9 months agoReply
Wow! This lady gots the nerve to do that. I couldn't see her version because it was blocked. which is good.
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