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Bolded parts are flashbacks!
“Jimin, I-” You paused, looking at his hopeful eyes. You felt your heart melt at his face, his eyes glistening as you hesitated, running your hand through his hair.
“I know it’s way too early. But I just love you so much, and I can’t bare the thought of losing you, hell, even the thought of hurting you brings me so much pain. I want you to be my wife. Please (Y/N).
“Don’t do it.” Yoongi pleaded quietly from behind the door, his ear pressed tightly as he listened in on the conversation. He heard you sigh, as well as a scream of pure happiness, Jin standing up from his place on the bed.
“That’s our cue.” He said sympathetically, putting a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder as all the boys piled into the living room, cheering on the happy couple. Yoongi stayed silent, watching as you wiped the tears leaking out of your eyes, happy tears that weren’t caused by you, wearing a ring that he was supposed to give you, answering a proposal that was supposed to come out of his mouth.
“Congratulations!” Hoseok exclaimed excitedly, wrapping both arms around you and Jimin, a group hug being created as everyone towered the both of you. Everyone dispersed to talk about the engagement, leaving you and Yoongi by the couch.
“Congrats.” He said softly, watching you fiddle the ring on your left hand.
“Thank you.” You said, not for the comment he made. “You always knew I liked amethyst.” You said with a bittersweet smile, feeling his eyes on you.
“So did Jimin.”
“But I never told him.”
He stayed quiet, sitting down next to you and putting his hand on top of yours. “You’ll be happy with him. I know it.”

But he’s not you.

“What’s your favorite thing to do?” He asked you quietly, playing with your fingers as you leaned your back against his chest. “Obviously, I love to write.” You said lazily, intertwining his fingers with yours, a smile on your face.
“You should write a love story about us.”
“How do you know I didn’t already?” You said jokingly, causing him to shoot a smirk at you.
“I know you too well, plus I watch you all the time.”
“That’s not creepy.” You said playfully, rolling your eyes at him.
“It’s not. I just care too much to let you slip away from me. I’ll always be watching, even if you aren’t mine.”
“Well, you don’t have to worry about that then.”
“Can we talk?” He asked you seriously, keeping his gaze on the ground, waiting for your response. You nodded hesitantly, the both of you walking out of the dorm, the other boys too excited to even notice you both slip away.
You casually walked on the street with him, neither of you saying anything for a while, merely enjoying the breeze. You saw him purse his lips, your smile growing slightly as you nudged his arm with yours.
“What’s wrong?”
“Do you love him?”
The question caught you off guard, your eyes widening as you stare at him blankly. He didn’t meet your gaze, his eyes staying forward as he watched where he was going, ignoring your shocked gaze.
“Of course I do. He’s my boyfriend.”
“But are you in love with him?”
You froze, both of you stopping as he finally looked at you. He patiently waited for your answer, your mouth opening and closing as you figured out what to say, but no words coming out. You knew you loved Jimin, but in love? It was a completely different thing.
“You aren’t, are you?” He spoke softly, keeping his hands at his sides, slowly slipping them into his pockets. You looked at him wide-eyed, expecting him to insert himself into the conversation.
“What? You’re not going to assume I’m still in love with you? That I’d be better off with you instead of him?”
He shrugged, biting his bottom lip as he let out a sigh, knowing things like this were the reasons he lost you. He took a deep breath, pushing his pride away before looking into your eyes.
“Okay, I’ll say this once so please listen. You deserve an explanation for every shitty thing I did. Yes, I left, yes I cheated, i’m not going to deny that anymore. I didn’t know what I was doing then, hell, I still can’t explain why I did it. I wasn’t thinking at all when I did it, and I regret it so much. Everyone was saying I was going soft, and you of all people should know I value my pride.”
You looked at him, your arms crossing as you wait for him to continue.
“I didn’t like it, I didn’t accept it, I didn’t want people thinking you were the reason I was getting soft, so I slept around with other women. I ruined the beautiful relationship we had and pushed you away, letting one night stands haunt my thoughts. I couldn’t face you after the first time, so I never went back home. I didn’t deserve you, nor do I deserve you now. But Jimin-” He paused, shaking his head.
“He deserves you, he knows how to care for you, how to show you your worth, how to love you unconditionally. He can be the person I can’t be. I don’t know how to love someone like you, how to care for someone as beautiful as you, how to stop myself from letting the little things get to me. I can’t open up and pour my love out for you. I can’t do many things, but he can. Your unconditional love should be with him. This is it (Y/N). I’ll leave you alone like you wanted.”
He turned away from you, beginning to walk away from you, but your arms moved on their own, gripping his arm in your shaking hands, your heart swelling with the words you’ve been yearning to hear.
“What if I don’t want you to leave me yet?”


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