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Vinglers!!!!!! You would not believe why I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you guess why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Because...
BOYS OVER FLOWERS IS BACK ON NETFLIX!!!!!!! I flipping love this show! I'm watching episode 13 again and I can't wait to finish watching all the episodes!!!!!! I started watching this drama with my mom months ago and got some reason, Netflix decided to remove it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to keep watching it on DramaFever so I watched episode 13 without the ads and I was so dissapointed it wasn't on Netflix anymore... until tonight because it's back baby!!!!!!!!! Boys Over Flowers is back! Now who loves this show???????
Boys Over Flowers was the first drama I ever watched and it is my all time favorite
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Mine too! I'm so happy it's back on Netflix! I just finished watching episode 13 for the second time! Honestly, I didn't like this episode because bad things were happening to poor Jandi, and junpyo has completely forgot about her!!!! Especially after that text! God! I hate him now! I've always hated him and how horribly he treated her! Just because she's a poor girl that went to a rich school, doesn't mean that she isn't human! Sorry about my rant btw!
I love this show too!!
this is a drama that is Def a classic for so many people