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I'm So Deep into This THAT POPPY Mystery



She's a character. She is a young, pretty, blonde, pop idol with zero substance.

And that's what's so beautiful about her.

She makes these creepy videos that have no context and are just sort of a waste of your time.

Basically, she's an art project. Her team is commenting on pop culture right now where people don't think, don't care about anything, unless its pretty or "cool."
However, there was also a project that came before her called Mars Argo that was the same thing...but where did Mars Argo go!?!??!

Here's the key to the puzzle:

Lyrics ~
All the people all around want to know What to look like, what to think, where to go But I don't know, I don't know I don't know what to think anymore, No I'm not here to tell you, what to say or be Why is everybody just like me
She's commenting on how everyone wants to be trendy and have become followers, not individuals.

But she's also signed to Island Records and her songs are actually so catchy?!

Here are two MVs: Money & Lowlife

Here's a basic explanation, if you're interested!

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hello my sweet friend me I love it your Videos are very beautiful I love it
9 months ago·Reply
@dimplequeen I thought of Melanie Martinez as well!! However this is the first time I've ever heard her name. Although I have heard her song Lowlife on the radio.... I'm not sure how to feel about her though. Personally I like Melanie Martinez better just due to the fact that I've had slightly more exposure to her than I have to Poppy.
9 months ago·Reply
Exactly, I don't know what to feel about her either. I've never heard of poppy but after watching her I definitely prefer Melanie.
9 months ago
OK I see
8 months ago·Reply
@KDramaKPop1015 OK I thin so
8 months ago·Reply
What is wrong with that girl?
8 months ago·Reply
She's supposed to be making fun of media and how pop culture is basically brain washing us or making us dumb. Haha! At least she makes you wonder...
8 months ago