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Hello Melodies and everyone else!! (o^▽^o)

I first just want to say thank you for making 2016 such a great year for me. I am truly thankful for finding so many people who give me love and support on Vingle!

I am taking the place of the wonderful @Helixx as BTOB's Moderator!

I've never been moderator on Vingle before, and I have some big shoes to fill in, so please bear with me and give me support!

Thank you for supporting BTOB and I hope we can start off 2017 with a bang! Please keep supporting BTOB!! (*^^*)♡

I would also like to congratulate all the other moderators for all the other groups as well!! Let's all support one another and grow as an awesome K-Pop community!!

2017: Quarter 1 Moderators

VIXX - @JiyongLeo Jay Park - @royalpandajedi Chanyeol (EXO) - @SugaKookieV NCT U - @JordanShuler Boyfriend - @omokpopluv Fan Fiction - @Bangtanss Boys Republic - @MelissaGarza B.A.P - @MaeLyn KNK - @IsoldaPazo Poetry - @Dynamo Onew (SHINee) - @KokoroNoTakara Cosplay - @rexamisprime Indie Music - @Krazypoet Kdrama - @VeronicaArtino Teen Top - @tinytreeleaf Seventeen - @CosmicCassidy IKON - @AaliyahNewbell G-Dragon - @BBxGD EXO - @Tigerlily84 UNIQ - @Qilin94 BTS - @PolarStarr Cross Gene - @AimeeH Block-B - @bapastro Bleach - @ZephyrBlaze Japanese Anime - @AimeBolanos Korea - @legendarytunde Korean Stars - @baekyeol27 Pokemon - @ChristiLoveLive C.N.BLUE - @CrookedShadow MONSTA X - @KaiLuhan4ever WINNER - @resavalencia Leeteuk (Super Junior) - @ESwee GOT7 - @Luna1171 Madtown - @ChaErica Red Velvet - @kpopandkimchi Big Bang - @KwonOfAKind BTOB - @StephanieDuong B2ST - @Helixx Korean Hip Hop - @B0RNHATER Infinite - @LemonLassie Pentagon - @Awkwardjazzy Naruto - @Taylor18920 K-Pop - @MattK95 Super Junior - @QueenPandaBunny Astro - @DalyRomero Travel South Korea - @caricakes Steven Universe - @SimplyAwkward Blackpink - @VKookie47 High4 - @twistedPuppy SHINee - @VixenViVi SF9 - @turntuptae TOP - @Lovetop 24K - @PrettyInKpop21 Inuyasha - @amobts Mamamoo - @Jaerinn Topp Dogg - @OppasManBun
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add me to taglist!
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a year ago
Congratulations! I know you will do a wonderful job as mod.
a year ago·Reply
Thank you Melissa! 😀💙
a year ago
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@StephanieDuong Haha I think I would cX
a year ago
Tag me please, and congratulations 🍾 🎉🎊
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Okay well don't forget me please!!☺️☺️
a year ago
Steph my sweet bebe!! Congrats and I am so excited to support you for your first term! You got this bebe. Us Support will not let you fall!! ♡
a year ago·Reply
Thank you Aimee! I means the world to me that I can be the moderator and have such amazing support!! 😣💙
a year ago