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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome lovely Carats and soon to be Carats. 이솔다 here with my last Seventeen card upload as their mod. Honestly pretty way to end it too as we look back on the guys work this past year. *photo credit to performanceunit*
Earlier this year on 11th of February the Vocal unit had teamed up with Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신) for their adorable song title: Chocolate I've linked the MV as well.
Two months later on the 24th of April, the boys came out with their comeback title: 예쁘다 aka Pretty U
Two months after that on 15th of June another mini comeback title was released: 사랑쪽지 It's beautiful I swear.
Four months later they drop this adorable video out of no where!! Literally and it's title: Healing
Then the Hip Hop Unit had us all up in our feels when they dropped their title mixtape: Check In Some serious aesthetic happening in this video
Lastly our more than super busy boys had their official comeback with an electrifying and amazing song title: 붐붐 aka Boom Boom Seriously loving this jam!!
AHHH. THIS MADE ME TEAR UP SOL. You were a great moderator!! I know the boys would have been so proud of you supporting them. 💙💙💙
😢😢😢 thank you gorgeous lady!! I can't wait to see what's in store for btob. and the lovely SVT are definitely in good hands
Healing is probably one of my favs 😍
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It was a great year for Seventeen. 😊