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love my K-Dramas
<3 <3 <3 cr to dramafever
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@tyta468 u will be going 2 Korea soon when u go make sure 2 go to those fanmeetings they do all kinds of stuff for thr lovely fans and u cd be one of those lucky fans ;-)♥ go 4 sure i will go 2 when i go 2 Korea one day inshaallah :-)♥♥♥ just love oppas ♥♥♥:-)
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@sahar...lol... yeah.. if some stranger grabs your hand.. it's a slap that he is asking... but if he's cute like your oppas ... that's a different matter.. hahaha if it's one of your oppas.. yeah me too.. i won't slap.. run... scream rape.. (lol).. or call the police... lol
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