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SO it was originally white, but once I added color I couldn't go back 馃檲. BTS shoes!! If you want a pair (different designs too) message me!
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how do I get a pair?
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*about getting a pair of shoes ^ lol that's what I meant @HaleyHerbig
9 months ago
how much would they be?
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It really depends on how much I paint (I normally let people give me the idea) @Mightymuffin it can be more or less
9 months ago
@MoisEsGaray did you see them finished?:D
9 months agoReply
@AliyahHowell WOW amazing :)
9 months ago
how much?
9 months agoReply
25 a pair馃崺! 鈽猴笍@ ParanormalPanda but more or less depending on what the design is
9 months ago
They're so cute!!! Glad you figured it out.
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