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Hello everyone I am Destiny and I'm going to be one of the support mods for the Mamamoo community!
I'll be making cards every Tuesday !
I hope you look forward to seeing more of Mamamoo and help the community grow.
A little bit about me: I'm 20, live in Tennessee, but have lived all over including Japan. I've been into kpop since 2012 my bias groups are BAP and Mamamoo. I am also RBW Trash I love all of their artists! I don't really have a bias in Mamamoo it is so hard to pick just one! I've never been a Moderator or support mod before so please give me feedback if there is something you would like to be apart of Mamamoo Tuesdays just let me know. I plan on doing many different things so I hope you look forward to seeing them.
*I do not own any of the images * »❂Mamamoo Squad @Jaerinn @Destiny1419 @IsoldaPazo @JiyongLeo @Satinskies »»» If you would like to be added to the tag list, please let me know! ▶❂Moomoo Taglist! ❃A; @awkwardjazzy ❃B; @Bangtanss ❃C; ❃D; ❃E; @ESwee ❃F; ❃G; ❃H; ❃I; ❃J; ❃K; ❃L; @LemonLassie ❃M; ❃N; ❃O; ❃P; ❃Q; ❃R; ❃S; @SimplyAwkward ❃T; ❃U; ❃V; @VeronicaArtino ❃W; ❃X; ❃Y; ❃Z;