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Hobi is the reason for my everything! He's why I like kpop, he inspired me to follow my dreams no matter what cause there's always hope, he's the reason I can get through my day with a smile, he's the one that warms my heart when I see him talk about dancing and his smile gets so big! I love him and people better give him some fucking respect before I start beatin asses! BTS WOULD BE NOTHING WITHOUT THE HYUNG LINE! Yes I know my UB is a Maknae, but it doesn't mean I didn't bias the ENTIRE Hyung line before I got to him. Jin is an idol figure to me! When I get older, I hope to be able to treat my kids the same way he treats the boys! Namjoon! I admire his ways of being a leader! He respect everyone and he even taught himself English! Yoongi's back story inspired me as much as Hobi's, if not more! I love these boys and I hate seeing them get disrespected by nasties! Don't even start trying this with other groups either! Cause I will stick up for every fucking one of them don't think I won't! You people who disrespect people and say that it's "Just for fun"! YOU CAN GO CHOKE! Fuck the haters! We can pull through this!💞💞💞