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So last night, while playing Mystic Messenger, I was for sure that I had gotten Zen's route. Man, did the game troll me!!!
Once I realized that I gotten Sarean's route, I was first excited and happy, but the more it got indept towards the end, it started to creep me out!! It was still good and cute!!!!
Let's see who I get this go around!!!!!! Tagging my Mystic Buds: @SimplyAwkward @OtakuDemon10 If you would like to be added or removed, please let me know!!!!!
Soooo... I got this ending, which was kinda unsettling and inconclusive, (which I actually kinda like cuz I'm twisted like that) but now I supposedly have 2 endings left, and I have no idea what they could be our how to get to them! I thought album gaps might give me a hint, but there aren't any more! Did you get the visual novel with Seven asking V to give Saeran his gift? Maybe I'll try just being mean and see what happens, or at least as mean as it'll let me be...
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ps I was wondering why I didn't get notified since I'm tagged, but the "demon" part of my name is misspelled 😉
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@QueenPandaBunny lol no worries!
gah, I can't even tell what route I'm on! I think it keeps changing! I intended to do Jaehee, but that third visual novel yesterday looked like I accidentally landed Seven again. The first one this morning was back on Jaehee, but now I'm not sure if I'm still on track or if I accidentally derailed to Yoosung! As for Saeran, my guess is if you answer his texts right, it overwrites whatever you would have gotten... I wonder what the other 2 mystery endings are...
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Yeah, I had that before the Christmas special