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Jimin Lie Solo Stage !! ♡♡
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😮😱😍❤ awesome he is definitely one of my favorite dancers....I keep rewatching this, I love Taemin too they are amazing together now if I can just have them Key, N, Jhope, Eunhyuk...and a few others on stage at the same time I'll be one happy fan girl 😁
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Fcking Taemin?! 😲😮 My god they've come far.
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Yaass!! 😍😍
a year ago
I think Jimin is doing great and shoukd get the chance to do a solo act...or a sub unit Cuz that would be awesome...and taemin ugh I'm trying not to like him he needs to stop lol
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Haha my thoughts exactly ! :)
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