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Our sweet TaeTae, Happy Birthday!!!! You are SO amazing in 57484992847 ways!! Im so glad you exist ! ♡ In this cruel world you are one of the few people who bring light where ever you go ♡♡ Love you Taetae! ♡♡

The members adore you ♡♡

Army love you TaeTae! ♡♡

King of face expressions!! ♡♡

Your charisma on stage is NO joke! ♡.♡

TaeTae's V Lives are LIFE !!! ♡♡ They are so adorably random and it always feels so natural the way he interacts with ARMY ♡♡

What's not to love about this angel?! ♡

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I'm so glad I found him and BTS. I hope he has a great birthday.
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