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It's that type of card that no one wants to make or read, but they have to. Without rules... I can't even imagine how bad our society might be... Anyways! These are just a few rules that have to be followed. Vingle, itself, already has guidelines over all, and you can double-check them in the link below!

No Fighting.

I rarely see this happen, but I've seen it. Vingle is a fun place to be whether you're making a card, reading a card, or commenting on a card. No fighting should be occurring, I understand that people have different opinions, but please don't bash on others. It isn't cool.

Irrelevant cards

Let's just say this; you post an irrelevant card or spam of any kind, your card is getting removed.


Most communities don't allow Smut in there, for young people at the age of 12 or 13 are on this app. For example; (a few that I know) BtoB, Kpop, etc. Keep your Smut here. If I see you post Smut in any of these communities, you and I will have a small talk. Its fine putting your story here in the fan fiction community, but only here.

Warnings (Smut or trigger)

This includes; self harm, illnesses (such as cancer), Smut, violence, suicide, death, etc. Make sure to put a trigger warning before the story starts! People can be sensitive to certain things and they must be prepared with a little warning beforehand.

Plagiarism & Credit

There have been a few plagiarism incidents in the past and it isn't cool, at all. I understand that you might love a story so much that you want to post it elsewhere, but give credit to the writers. It can take up to a week to get a single story perfected.

Breaking the rules will result in the following;

1st time you break one of these rules, a small warning will be given to you. 2nd time, a warning and the removal of the card will happen. 3rd time, card is removed along with yourself from the community.
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