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Alrighty click here for the last chapter.... And off we go with spamming the next 2 days for Tae Taes bday but I had to address one thing first....
The next couple days went by super fast. Before they knew it it was Eliza's bday. "Eliza what do you want to do for your bday?" Belle asked "I want time with the guys." Eliza said with a smile. "Oh yeah? which ones?" "You know?" Eliza said going a slight pink. "Oh ok I will make it happen." Belle wandered off to go find the guys. Eliza followed not to close behind. "Hey! would you spend time with Eliza today? she wants time with you few." Belle said smiling at the three who looked at each other. "Really?" one asked "Yup, you guys are my gift to her." Belle smiled "Eliza why didn't you tell us it was your birthday!" Another asked. "I didn't want to take away from Taes bday." Eliza said with a quick smile. "Tae gets a full day to himself! You so too!" The third person said. "Ok you guys have fun. I'm going to find the others...come back in an hour okies?" Belle said and walked off before getting an answer. She skipped off and headed to find the remaining 4 to help her with her task. She ran into Tae and stopped. "Tae just the man I'm looking for!" She smiled and linked her arm with his. "Why?" He asked as Belle started to pull him with her. "We need to go get a cake for Eliza and some party stuff." "Eliza's bday is today?" He asked "Yup don't worry we wills till celebrate you tomorrow today is her day." Belle said poking his cheek. "Belle, when is your birthday?" He asked "February it's 6 days before jhopes." "Ahh" He said and a went along with Belle to go get the things for Eliza's quick party. Tae was glad it was just the two because he felt she had been avoiding him since the day he almost kissed her. After a few minutes they got to the store and were picking out the cake they wanted to get. "This one she'll love we can write Happy Birthday Eliza." "The Panda is the best part." Tae said picking the cake up. They walked over to the lady behind the cake counter and had her add the writing they wanted. After that they wandered around the story. "I don't know what I get her." Belle whined as they turned down an aisle. "Here." Tae said handing her an animal. "Yes!!! I'll give her this!" Belle said taking it from Tae. Then she took off and grabbed something and came back towards Tae. "What did you find?" He asked "You still want a reindeer right?" She asked. "Yeah but Jin said I can't have one." Tae whined. "Well I will talk to Jin." Belle smiled and they continued on there way to finish shopping. After several minutes Belle secretively paid for the item she got for Tae his gift from her would be priceless. She stuffed the gift in her bag and walked the rest of the way back to the building. Once they got there Jhope came running up to them. "Where have you guys been?" He asked "We got stuff for Eliza's bday." Tae said holding up the bag. "Ahhh." Jhope looked into the bag. "Let's go decorate the room we have a few minutes left till they come back." Belle said and headed towards an empty room.
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ahhhh πŸ’™πŸ―πŸ―πŸ―. you are so sweet to me!!! birthday surprise!!!! alrighty oo I have an idea for next part!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸΌπŸΌ
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@SweetDuella Happy Birthday!!!
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awe thankies πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
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