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I am so Happy to have this Awesome opportunity again I had a lot of fun being This Community's Mod and now that I get the gist of things I cant wait to make awesome things happen for you guys this Upcoming Quarter!

Thank You @Vingle for choosing me again it is an honor to be able to do this again and I can't wait to make fun challenges and activities for this upcoming quarter!

Congratulations to all of the New Moderators who were also chosen for this upcoming Quarter! I hope to work with some of you guys real soon! xD

VIXX - @JiyongLeo Jay Park - @royalpandajedi Chanyeol (EXO) - @SugaKookieV NCT U - @JordanShuler Boyfriend - @omokpopluv Fan Fiction - @Bangtanss Boys Republic - @MelissaGarza B.A.P - @MaeLyn KNK - @IsoldaPazo Poetry - @Dynamo Onew (SHINee) - @KokoroNoTakara Cosplay - @rexamisprime Indie Music - @Krazypoet Kdrama - @VeronicaArtino Teen Top - @tinytreeleaf Seventeen - @CosmicCassidy IKON - @AaliyahNewbell G-Dragon - @BBxGD EXO - @Tigerlily84 UNIQ - @Qilin94 BTS - @PolarStarr Cross Gene - @AimeeH Block-B - @bapastro Bleach - @ZephyrBlaze Japanese Anime - @AimeBolanos Korea - @legendarytunde Korean Stars - @baekyeol27 Pokemon - @ChristiLoveLive C.N.BLUE - @CrookedShadow MONSTA X - @KaiLuhan4ever WINNER - @resavalencia Leeteuk (Super Junior) - @ESwee GOT7 - @Luna1171 Madtown - @ChaErica Red Velvet - @kpopandkimchi Big Bang - @KwonOfAKind BTOB - @StephanieDuong B2ST - @Helixx Korean Hip Hop - @B0RNHATER Infinite - @LemonLassie Pentagon - @Awkwardjazzy Naruto - @Taylor18920 K-Pop - @MattK95 Super Junior - @QueenPandaBunny Astro - @DalyRomero Travel South Korea - @caricakes Steven Universe - @SimplyAwkward Blackpink - @VKookie47 High4 - @twistedPuppy SHINee - @VixenViVi SF9 - @turntuptae TOP - @Lovetop 24K - @PrettyInKpop21 Inuyasha - @amobts Mamamoo - @Jaerinn Topp Dogg - @OppasManBun

And Guess What Otakus! I have decided to hold ANOTHER Anime Giveaway! So keep your eyes peeled in the Beginning of January because this Giveaway will for sure be coming soon!

I AM LOOKING FOR NEW SUPPORTERS! New Year, New Team! (xD) I am looking for 4 AMAZING Vinglers who are dedicated to ANIME and love to spread the love here on Vingle! To be a supporter you must have/be in the following things...

1.) Be a Very Active Vingler! Meaning you come here and post literally every single day! (xD well maybe 2 days off lol) 2.) Must be a member of the Japanese Anime Community (#NoBrainer xD) 3.) HELP ME WITH COMMUNITY PROBLEMS & ACTIVITIES! If something horrible is going on in the community and I am not aware of it you guys are my Second Hands and Eyes! Please help me keep this Community at peace and relevant. Also when the Giveaway or a Week Challenge is happening I also need your help with those special things as well! That's all I ask and need from you guys! Your Dedication and Support is all I really need! 4.) And If possible the Best way to communicate quickly for me is on Kik! So if you have one already AWESOME! If you dont but meet all of the expectations we can figure this out no worries!

So if you are interested in becoming a Supporter please Comment Below or Message me here on Vingle!

With the help of My New Supporters I Hope We make this Community more lively this upcoming quarter and have tons of fun with the Old & New Members! I will be posting the Community's Guidlines very soon for those new Anime Vinglers out there! So I hope you guys are with me and lets have some fun this Quarter!

(And if you would like to be updated on whats going on in the Community follow my Japanese Anime Community Collection to be updated ASAP!)
@AimeBolanos 😊
@tkdwjd0626 And thank you!
@tkdwjd0626 Hold on we dont know that lol Message me here on Vingle and we can talk about it
I'm so sorry TuT I can't help you because I don't meet the conditions. But I sincerely congratulate you for being chosen as a moderator!!
@whatamooy Aww thank you so much!😭 I hope its awesome too xD
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