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Hello Darlings! Although Christmas is past, it is most certainly still Winter, and I wanted to take a minute to share my love for a certain SHINee Holdiay song. I'm sure you guys know which one I'm talking about....
Yes, It's Winter Wonderland!! I love this song, one because I relate to it, specifically this time of year with the snow, and the cold, I had my first real heartbreak, and so listening to this song is cathartic, knowing that there will eventually be a time when my heart will feel whole, even in the winter cold. Secondly, I love that it's a bit different for SHINee because it is in Japanese. I love to see groups take steps in new directions, especially since I'm in the process of learning Japanese.
I also wanted to share this Piano Cover, which I find perfect for relaxing when I just want to chill and not think about the Japanese. It's by Rein Piano on YouTube. They've got some other awesome covers including EXO's recent "For Life."
I love it!
I love there songs and I loved this song! I wish they had it in Korean.
I think it'd be really cool to have it in both languages too!