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OMG! Saw this on my Facebook and I swear to god I almost died! After all my favorite actors and artists dying this year what I don't want to hear is anything happening to my K-Pop babies! These boys need to rest, and I hope Jimin feels better soon. Seeing the way he fell, I was hoping he tripped but it looks like he passed out!
This noona can't handle celebs dying lately and then seeing things like this. He's alright thank god but JIMIN DON'T SCARE NOONA LIKE THAT DAMN!!!! I'll have to go to Korea and spank him :)
GUYS! Nothing is wrong with Jimin! He fell to his knees because he was so happy that he got to preform with Taemin! He was just playing around! He is perfectly fine! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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I know I just wanted to see what everyone was talking about. I figured if jimin got hurt it'd be everywhere but still.
he was actually playing around.. or so I've heard.. he was joking around with taemin and such.. i hope thats what happened and its nothing serious
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you're welcomee! i was so scared when i saw it too cuz it really did look like something happened but then i saw taemin laughing at him
Try not to take anything Korea koreaboo posts too seriously!! They like drama and gossip and ALWAYS over exaggerate!
He was playing around
question: where can I find this video
I found it on my Facebook feed scared me to death. I hope it is a joke and he was teasing Taemin but still