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Hey hey hey! So glad ya'll are sticking with me. Thank you for the views and the comments, I love hearing about it! I promise, it's picking up, if you think it's slow, you'll be wind-burned by how fast the rest of it will go. I just had to introduce everything. Keep strong!
The next morning I had quick breakfast of oatmeal and orange juice, got all dressed warmly, and left the apartment, headphones in my ears as VIXX’s voices filled my ears. I couldn’t help it, after last night, I wanted to listen to nothing but VIXX.
I walked around the neighborhood to get my blood pumping, and then got a Chai Latte at the Starbucks nearby and sat in a small park nearby. After that, I headed to one of my favorite places: it was a deserted area, with enough room for me to jam out and do some interpretive dance, without being in public. Normally I’d just do it in my home, but with my apartment being so tiny, it was plausible.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to start with today, should I sing, or should I dance? Or should I do one of their more exciting songs and do both? I liked “Love Equation”, it was a personal favorite, but I wanted to warm up my vocals a bit, so perhaps something else?
Oh, I knew just the song to start with: my favorite VIXX song, and the one that I wanted them to sing last night, but gave up on and settled for Cold at Night.
I set up my Bluetooth speaker just loud enough that I could hear the music, and started singing along.
말주변이 없어도 날 이해해 줘요
담아뒀던 진심을 다 얘기할게요
우리가 처음 만난 그 날 기억 하나요
예쁜 그 입술로 내게 웃어주던
그날 이후로 난 다짐했어요
절대 내 품에서 그댈 놓기 싫다고
끝까지 가겠다고
사랑한단 말 말로는 부족하겠지만
그래도 오늘 난 고백할게요
I wanna be with you
항상 그대 한 걸음 뒤엔
그댈 지켜줄 그런 사람 있단 걸 잊지 마요
After singing, I stretched a bit and then put on “Love Equation” and sang and danced to it (as quietly as I could manage, of course).
I did have aspirations of being an artist when I was younger, but I quickly realized that while I was a pretty decent singer, I couldn’t write lyrics or compose music, nor was I particularly good with any instruments: I could just sing. And just singing, unless you were very lucky, didn’t really pay your bills and give you a semi-comfortable life.
Still, it was definitely a hobby. When I got back to the apartment later, I’d record another song and add it to my collection of recorded songs. Since I’d learned Korean and Japanese, I had a plethora of songs now that I had recorded in several different languages, which made me happy. I was hoping to put them all on a CD and send a few copies to my family, so my nieces and nephews would know my voice. Especially if something happened to me and I died prematurely.
My phone rang and I picked it up, “Moshi?”
“Hey girl, it’s me.”
“Emma, hey!”
“I heard you’re in Korea now? You have to stop by my house, my mom really wants to see you again.”
“Really? You’ll need to give me her Kakao talk so I can message her and set up a time to stop by and see her.”
“You’re Korean has gotten really good.”
“Thanks, I’ve been working very hard at trying to master it. Oh, you won’t believe what I’m doing now!”
“You mean work? Are you finally an English teacher?”
“Yes I am!”
“I’m so happy for you! That’s awesome, you worked so hard to get there. How long is your visa?”
“My work visa is for two years, then I’ll have to renew it, but I don’t think it will be an issue, I don’t plan on causing any trouble.”
“Good. How’s it going then? Do you like it?”
“I love it. My students are very smart and eager to learn. It makes me job much easier when I don’t have to fight boredom and disinterest in the subject. I really couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling job.”
“Good, you deserve it. Oh, you’ll have to go to all of my favorite places.”
“Are you going to be here to take me to them, or are you going to tell me where they are, and I’ll have to take a selfie in each location to prove it?”
“The second one. I’m busy here finally getting into a management position in the hotel.”
“I’m glad it worked out for you finally. I hope this one will be permanent.”
“Me too. I don’t want to worry my parents any more than they already are.”
“Okay, I just wanted to say hi, we’ll talk again, we can video chat on kakaotalk some time, okay?”
“Sounds good. Bye.”
“Bye,” she hung up and I put my phone away with a sigh.
Emma had been one of my best friends back home growing up, and she was Korean, so she always encouraged my language learning. We had been roommates in college and I had met all of her family except her father. Her younger brother was adorable and a Momma’s boy, so it annoyed him when I picked on him about it. I smiled at the memories. Yes, moving here was the right thing to do.
“So what did you find out?” the guys all got together later that night and asked Leo about his day in following Michelle.
(This next section was supposed to be in italics, but you know Vingle. It's supposed to be a flashback from Leo's POV, so instead I made it bold)
Leo was dreading waiting in the cold to see if she would even leave her apartment that morning, but luckily for him, he caught her heading to a nearby Starbucks as he approached her neighborhood, and watched her get some tea and then play on her phone in the park.
She seemed perfectly normal and he felt like an idiot for listening to the guys and bothering to follow her at all. But, eventually, she left the park, threw away her empty tea cup, and headed to a deserted alleyway. Well, it wasn’t exactly an alleyway, just sort of a wide area between two buildings which was abandoned.
From her purse he watched her remove a portable speaker and an iPod and set the rest of her things aside. She started playing music quietly, and he got a little closer to hear her. To his utter surprise, she started singing Love Letter, one of their songs; and she was doing very, very well. He was surprised at her singing ability, given that she hadn’t ever revealed such a thing around them before.
Watching her sing, he began to like her even more – he too, enjoyed good singers and liked learning from them to improve his own abilities if he could. Getting out his phone, he recorded her singing a little bit to show to the guys as proof that he did what they agreed on.
After singing, she put on another one of their songs, Love Equation, and sang along and danced to some of the movements (and her own interpretive dancing), which Leo also recorded because it was both fascinating and entertaining.
As he listened to her phone call, he found it interesting that, as crazy as she was about their group and her job, she didn’t tell her friend exactly WHO she was teaching English to. She just let her friend assume it was a normal classroom. He didn’t know if that was the company policy or her own policy however.
Later, she went back home and didn’t emerge from her apartment again, so he headed to the studio instead and tried to work on his song a bit more. However, images of Michelle kept popping in his head and he couldn’t get any more work done than he’d been able to for the past month.
Giving up, he headed back to the dorm house, where the others were waiting eagerly for his report.
(End Flashback)
Leo showed them the videos he took and they were all highly impressed with her singing, and laughed in entertainment at her dancing. But she did seem very passionate about music, and Leo admired her for that.
“Tomorrow, we should ask her to sing for us.”
“What if she did a duet?”
“Who wants to do a duet with her?”
“She’d probably like it if Ken sang with her.”
“Good thinking.”
Ken blushed slightly but readily agreed that he didn’t mind at all singing with her if she wanted to. Leo stayed silent. He was annoyed that he had shown them those private moments of hers, not because it was an invasion of her privacy, but because he somehow wanted to keep that information to himself.
He realized this and shook his head, ‘That’s stupid, I have no reason to think that way.’
That night he went to bed, conflicted about his feelings.
Alright, end of Chapter 5. I'll admit, it's a bit skimpy. Sorry. I'll post the next chapter as soon as possible.