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In light of it being a Happy Day I sharing a quiz that came out for the drama Hwarang! (I have to admit after the third episode I finally got hooked, lol tho which Tae was in it a bit more) Anyway!!! Hope you all like the quiz and have a great day!!! Click me here for quiz!!!
Oh I love my results!!!! I got The King! his personality sounds good but oo I love how he is in the drama, he's got character lol
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I got Han Sung..
then I went and changed 3 answers because I was teetering between then the first time and I got MOO myung... I'll li e with either I love them both
I also got Sam Maek.
I got Soo Ho!! Im so happy
I got the one Minho plays! I think it was Soo Ho? I was hoping to get Tae but meh