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Hey Otakus!

For those that are new here on Vingle and to the Anime Community here are the Community's Guidelines!

(....Now I have added a very strict rule to the community due to the fact that there are some people here who dont take My or Vingles rules seriously and to stop cards that aren't relevant in the community to continue on. So im sorry if you are startled or even upset about this but something needs to be done and said before hand.)

So without further a do here are the Anime Community Guidlines!

Please Be Relevant!

-Please post relevant things into the Community! Anything Anime Goes!

- If your card has nothing.. And I mean nothing about Anime or Anime related your card will be removed without question

NO Spoilers!

-When posting something recent or a new Manga Chapter please use Spoiler Warning Cards to avoid spoil the Anime/Manga for the others gere in the Community

-If your main Picture doesnt really Have a spoiler but your card still contains them then please on the Title section announce that you have spoilers in the card to avoid confusion and spoilers for others.

- You can always make your own Spoiler Warning Pics just like Me and Others here on Vingle!

- If you post a spoiler and do not have any of the following from above you will be messaged or in your comment section Me or one of my Supporters will ask you to please do the following above and if ignored or not replied an hour after you have been asked your card will sadly be removed to avoid problems in the community.

+18 and Over!

- Ecchi Lovers!!  As long as you do not post a charachter exposing the Chest and down region or anything sexually physical (*SEX!*) anything GOES!

-When posting a +18 pics please use a Warning Picture to avoid the young Otakus gere who are still innocent to enjoy this community at its best!

-If you do post something that is not allowed you will be messaged or in your comment section you will be asked to remove the picture and if ignored or the picture still hasn't been taken down then sadly your card will be removed to avoid problems with the community.

Cards Need Pictures & Titles!

-When posting a card please make sure that your card has a Title and a Picture.

(Vingle removes cards that do not have Pictures or Titles so please dont forget those two things!)

Peace & Love❤

Vingle is fun and safe environment for People to post their love and interests, not for hate! Everyone here is connected in the Anime Community even if you dislike one anothers taste we all have one thing in common! OUR LOVE FOR ANIME❤ So please no HATE comments or private messages! Lets spread the LOVE❤ and keep the Peace.

And the most important one of all! HAVE FUN!!

Have Fun! Share what you love! Talk with others who share your love for anime! Make Games! Join Challenges! HAVE FUN!!! Because at the end of the day thats what we are all about here on Vingle❤