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Starbucks Drinks You Can Only Get in Seoul

Alright Starbucks aficionados, here's a drink you've probably never tried.

Meet the Lavender Cafe Breve and the Orange & Dark Mocha.

These two new concoctions are only available at Korea's 1000th store, located in the Cheongdam area of Seoul.

Cheongdam is basically Beverly Hills - its where all the celebs live and work, all the wannabe celebs hang out, and its the luxury shopping and plastic surgery capital of Asia.

So yeah, this Starbucks is insane.

Take a tour here and see what I think of the Orange & Dark Mocha!

What's your favorite Starbucks drink!?

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white chocolate mocha is usually my go to drink
oooooh I usually get some type of frap (like green tea frap is really good), I only like the sugary stuff lol.
I work in Starbucks
well if you want to try to make it my "recipe" said 2 shots expresso, 1 caramel syrup, 2 dark mocha, 1 orange syrup, and whipped cream :) but i have no idea what any of that means hahaha
flavored chai tea with no whip and fat free milk blended in or coconut milk when they have it in stock.
can you take me to tropical smoothie today I want a white chocolate beach bum, my mouth is killing me
Anything with out coffee, usually the strawberry acai refresher is my fav
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