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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two
Sehun's POV Junmyeon was freaking out and it was honestly getting on Sehun's nerves. Yifan always got to Junmyeon, he knew that. Sehun, on the other hand, learned to keep his nerves under control by now. Yifan was someone to fear but Sehun wasn't afraid of much. Most of the ride back to the base Sehun's eyes had been on Jongin though. He was too calm. Sehun didn't like that, he hadn't said a word to either of them not even asking what had happened and that struck Sehun as odd. Jongin would've at least wanted to know what was going on when it came to Junmyeon freaking out. The fact of the matter was that a cop was now dead and Yifan had been shot. In this business, those were two of the worst things ever. Still Sehun was sure he shot the cop in his shoulder. That was the big puzzle though, Junmyeon was positive that he shot and killed the cop and Sehun was inclined to agree since Sehun knew he shot the cop in the shoulder but if Junmyeon really did kill the cop then who shot Yifan? Junmyeon's constant freaking out let Sehun know that it wasn't the appropriate time to try and voice this theory. Perhaps he could talk to Y/n about it. She could look into the right things and figure something out. At the brief meeting he knew she had already put her influence into Yifan because he issued a probation instead of an instant punishment. Family was such a big thing to Y/n he knew she would've tried to convince him to take things easy. Normally they were more coordinated than this though, how could so many things have gone wrong when they had planned this all the way through? Fortune wasn't in their favor this time he supposed. Sehun had made his way back to the warehouse area and saw Kyungsoo, Jongin and Baekhyun counting one bag of money. Minseok, Yixing and Luhan were counting another. Chanyeol and Tao hadn't arrived yet from what it looked like. Jongdae was in a third bag counting by himself. Sehun walked over to him and helped count the stacks. "I heard Yifan got shot Sehun, what happened?" Yixing asked. "I don't know Hyung." He shrugged. "Was it Junmyeon?" Baekhyun asked. "I couldn't really say. I shot the cop, I know I did but it's possible Junmyeon just hit Yifan by accident." He answered. "You really think that was an accident?" Minseok laughed. "What's that supposed to mean?" Jongdae asked. "Oh come on we all know Junmyeon has a little crush on Y/n plus Yifan and Junmyeon have been in a rivalry for years. You don't think he's finally had enough?" Luhan said. "Okay one, Y/n sleeps with everyone, he should already know he's got no chance there and their rivalry is friendly he wouldn't turn his back on him now especially, if he wanted Y/n. Being a part of Exo is really the only way he gets to have her." Jongin said. Kyungsoo was quiet as usual. He continued to count the money but Sehun saw him look up a few times as if to follow the conversation. The gang got quiet when they heard loud voices. Yixing started to shake his head and Minseok laughed, "That must be Y/n and Junmyeon." He said. "Good grief, it sounds like he's hurting her." Baekhyun said rolling his eyes. Luhan chuckled and said lowly "Yeah just how she likes it." Baekhyun looked up at Luhan with wide eyes. Kyungsoo seemed to look away in slight embarrassment. Jongin stifled a chuckle while Jongdae and the others continued what they were doing. Chanyeol and Tao walked into the warehouse finally. Tao was all dirty and Chanyeol's hand was roughing up his hair. "You two have been gone for a while is everything okay?" Jongdae asked. "Yeah." Chanyeol slightly huffed. Tao just nodded and walked over to help Sehun count the money. Sehun looked up at Chanyeol who was looking slightly over his shoulder. "Damn what is he doing to her?" He said annoyed. "Fucking her brains out. Obviously." Minseok said. Luhan chuckled along with Jongdae this time. Yixing just shook his head and sighed heavily. "Alright I'm done with this stack." Yixing said. "Has anyone seen Yifan?" Chanyeol asked. "I think he stayed in the office after our meeting." Sehun said. Chanyeol looked back at Sehun oddly, he sighed, "What meeting you didn't wait for us?" He said. "It was a meeting for Junmyeon and Sehun only apparently one of them shot Yifan." Baekhyun said. "What?" Chanyeol said. "We've already started placing bets on which one did it." Luhan chuckled. "It's not funny, we killed a cop and now he's pissed. Junmyeon is freaking out which is why Y/n slept with him. You know how he gets when he gets paranoid. Yifan is putting us on probation that'll have him even more tense." Sehun said. "Wait you guys killed a cop? Fuck, what happened to the no casualties rule?" Chanyeol snapped. "Chanyeol calm down, a lot happened when we were in there." Jongdae defended. "Do you have any idea what the guys back at SM are going to do to us? We'll be lucky if we live long enough to spend our earnings." Chanyeol said. "Calm down Yeol it's not that bad okay. We made it out with the money, there's no way they can trace us and SM will take care of anything that may slip through. Honestly, they probably didn't have much of a choice." Baekhyun said. Chanyeol shook his head and sat down in a chair. The entire space was filled with the members counting stacks of money or doing something else. Y/n's loud moans had ceased a while ago but Sehun was prepared to keep hearing those noises for the next week or more depending on how Yifan decided to punish them. Unlike Junmyeon, Sehun didn't have a crush on Y/n. She was good for a wild night and all but he saw her as a friend and the matriarch of the group. She was Yifan's, that had been established the day he brought her into the group. The influence she now had was more powerful than any of them combined. Tao even spoke to her on some occasions and Tao only really opened up to Yifan. A few times he spoke to Sehun but Y/n and him stayed in the same bed after sex and chatted when he felt like saying something. When she got tired, she'd go back to Yifan considering that was the rule. Sehun, himself, had no idea what Tao went through or Y/n for that matter other than what Yifan had told them but considering her memory was lost he figured she didn't have much to tell anyway. Sehun had memories that tormented his mind. He looked up to Junmyeon, despite his annoying traits but Junmyeon looked out for him. Sehun was subjected to torture techniques from the age of five and he was twelve when he witnessed his brother cut open in front of him. A member from the gang, Big Bang had come to collect a debt that he couldn't pay. Big Bang was a ruthless gang and they did not play around. YG was pretty fair as a boss but he trained all his recruits well, most of them felt nothing when they killed. Sehun then watched his mother and father get killed in a car accident, the accident being their car being bombed, again by another YG gang, 2NE1. He was sixteen then and by that time SM boss had decided to pull him out of his solo training. He paired him in the group Exo and put him in Junmyeon's group, Exo-K, for sub missions. It was clear that Junmyeon and Sehun got along well and he looked after him for being the youngest so SM boss decided they'd be in the same sub group. Sehun never saw his life as hard but it was rough in some places, still he found it easier to brush things off than get attached. Sehun got lost in his thoughts when he heard his name being called. He looked up to see Y/n standing by the door... Y/N's POV You stopped outside of the warehouse door and called up one of the men that worked at SM Town's main office. You needed to make sure you could get rid of the bullets that were found at the crime scene. The bomb device wasn't anything to worry about but if the bullets were left they could find out what type of gun was used and then begin their search. You were trying to limit the police investigation as much as possible to keep them off of Exo. You bet Big Bang didn't have to go through this shit. They just blew up whatever the hell they wanted and kept going. "Hold on Y/n, boss wants to talk to you." The man said. "Okay." You sighed thinking this would be far more trying than you wanted it to be. "Y/n." SM boss came on the phone. After three years you still didn't know the guys name but no one ever called him by his name so it wasn't like you were the rude one in this situation. "Yes sir." you answered "You said there was a cop that was killed on scene?" He asked. "Yes sir, Yifan has the snipers on probation while he decides their punishments." "I was also informed Yifan was hurt." He said. Wait, did someone else call in? Did Yifan call in? "Um, yes sir. Have you spoken to Yifan already?" "No one of the other members phoned in that little detail. Anyway, we'll have the evidence taken care of. Tell Yifan to call me as soon as he can. Also I need you to keep an eye out for our old friends in GOT7. JYP's gang activity has sparked up recently and it seems like they're making a hit list. Exo might be on it next." "Yes sir. I'll let Yifan know right away. Sir, have JYP gangs stepped into YG territory yet?" You asked. "Not yet but it's only a matter of time." He said. You sighed, he ended the call. JYP wasn't nearly as dangerous as YG but those two battling it out was a blood bath. With their activity rising, you could only wonder what they had up their sleeve. Yifan wouldn't be happy about this and it might make him even more paranoid but perhaps he'd stop thinking the members are trying to kill him. Too much was going on. You walked into the warehouse section of the building and said, "Sehun." He seemed to be out of it while he was counting bills but he heard his name and looked up. You beckoned him over with a finger and he placed the rest of the stacks in his hand back in the bag and walked over to you. "Did you enjoy your time with Junmyeon?" Minseok asked. You looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. "He was fine but Lu Lu is better. I'm sure you know that already though, right Minseok?" You gave a sarcastic smile. You never compared the boys to each other unless you were trying to take a shot at them. Minseok was clearly teasing you so you teased back. He stuck his tongue out at you while the rest of the boys aside form Kyungsoo and Tao laughed. Your eyes shifted to Chanyeol for a moment. He was looking you up and down which made you think he had one thing on his mind. You shook your head and motioned for Sehun to follow you out of the door. "Everyone make sure the number is right check it three times if you have to but make absolutely sure that number is right. Yifan will kill us before SM boss does if the number is wrong." You said. "Yeah but at least he'll start with Junmyeon." Luhan joked. You shook your head and led Sehun to his room. "I need to talk to you about what happened on the roof." You said. "Me too. I honestly don't think Junmyeon shot Yifan." Sehun said. "I don't either. Well I don't think it was done on purpose at least." "No Y/n you don't understand, Junmyeon swears he shot the cop I believe he did because the cop is dead. I shot the cop in the shoulder, that wouldn't have killed him." Sehun said. You looked at him now thinking Junmyeon's theory may have been right. How did someone else shoot him though? They'd have to be on the same building or the same level. How well had you looked at Yifan's wound? You didn't even pay attention to how the bullet came in, it so happened fast. "So you think that there was another shooter? That doesn't make sense. I-I mean it makes sense but it doesn't; aside from SM boss, no one else should have known about the heist outside of us." You said. "Y/n Jongin was supposed to be up on that roof with us remember? He was late." You leaned against the door, "Hold on you can't seriously tell me that Jongin would shoot Yifan. It doesn't make any sense, look we need to be careful the warehouse and even our businesses could be tapped. JYP is on our ass right now too. This can't be happening." You said upset. Sehun got quiet and you two stood there not saying anything. Yifan would be pissed. While it let Junmyeon and Sehun off the hook, Jongin now became the new suspect. You looked up at Sehun, "Hold on if that's true then why didn't you say anything in the office?" You asked. "Junmyeon was freaking out, if I had he would've done something stupid. You know how he gets, it's why you went to him first wasn't it?" You nodded, you should've expected Sehun to think this through. You looked him up and down and then beckoned him with a finger. He looked down at you with a slightly hard expression. He pushed his hand through his hair as if contemplating what to do. "Come here Sehun, you're stressed too. I'll take care of you." You cooed. "Noona." He groaned as if he didn't want to do it. His hand left his hair and came over to slip on your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss. His lips were smooth, he may have been the maknae but his kisses tasted of experience. His tongue slipped into your mouth exploring amazingly. Your hand slipped into his hair and tugged a little making him come down harder on your lips. He pulled you close to his body but pressed you back to the wall. You moaned into his mouth and he kissed you harder. Simple things got Sehun started and once he had, he was like a different person. His hands came up from your waist and cupped both sides of your neck to pull you in more. He closed all space between you two, you could feel the pattern of how he breathed from how his stomach rose and fell against yours. "Sehun." You cooed his name for a moment. His hands came back down to your waist and he gripped your shirt and started to pull it up your body. He pulled it over your head and twisted it to lock your wrists in the shirt. He held your arms against the wall. "Noona, what will happen to Jongin?" He asked looking in your eyes. "We don't know that he's done anything Maknae, not yet at least. For now, I won't tell Yifan, to keep him safe. He's losing his mind enough as is but I'll make sure both you and Junmyeon are cleared." You said. He kissed your neck making you sigh. You arched your back to get your shoulders to come up higher to his lips. Sehun didn't want to throw anyone under the bus. He was like you, he saw value in the team and the numbers but he also didn't want to be blamed for something that could get him killed. Jongin had some explaining to do though. He kissed down your body passing your breast and going to your stomach. He licked up your body, luckily you cleaned yourself up after Junmyeon and no doubt he knew that Junmyeon had touched you. He wanted to go lower so he let go of the shirt that trapped you and came down to his knees. He unbuttoned your pants while you freed your hands. "I don't really like killing people Noona. I do it when it's necessary." he said. "I know baby." you said as if to reassure him. "I hate this life but I'd never hurt any of you." "I know." He pulled your pants down and kissed your thighs. Your breathing became shallow breaths the more your body heated under him, wanting so desperately to feel his lips on your womanhood. He nipped at your thighs, biting the skin close to your heat then kissing it softly. His lips switched to the other thigh kissing and licking every where. You ran your hands through his hair again and brought him to your core. He looked up at you. "Time for you to listen to your noona." You said. His eyes were dark, you saw him lick his lips. "Stick your tongue." You told him. He did as you asked sticking out his long perfect tongue for you to ride. You brought him to your aching core and began to grind on his tongue. He moved his tongue in waves to accompany the way your hips moved. You moaned lowly feeling amazing, your hand went into your own hair. You brought him on you hard, pushing his face between your legs. "Shit Sehun, you're so good." You praised. He hummed making you moan a little louder. He finally closed his mouth around your clit and started to suck on it. You were going crazy, it felt so good you were repeating curses for the sake of it. You pushed him off of you and made him stand up. You rid yourself of your pants completely and then went for his pants. You moved quickly getting his pants off while he unbuttoned his shirt. You pushed him down on the chair and straddled him. You sank down on him and he moaned. "Noona." He moaned. "Sehun- did you like the way your noona tasted?" You said seductively in his ear while you moved up and down on him. His hand went through your hair, his other hand went to your waist and he brought you close to his body. He pushed up into you while he responded, "Yes." "Ahh- Oooh you're such a good boy. Keep going." You said. You crashed your lips onto his moving faster while he moved quickly inside of you. He came off your lips to kiss the top of your breast still hidden in your bra. You cursed through loud moans. "Shit, that feels so good!" You leaned back and placed your hands on his knees while you road him. You felt him deeper than before, hitting your spot and making you moan loudly. "Oh my god, you're so good baby!" You praised him. He stood up and pulled you off of him and he turned you around and bent you over the foot of his bed. He pushed your head down and rammed into you from behind. He moved quickly groaning and moaning throughout the room taking you deeper, faster and harder. You sat up the closer you got and he brought a hand around your body and played with your breast. He kissed your neck while he continued his movements. "Se-hun!" You moaned loudly. Your body reached its climax while he continued moving inside of you. You could hear his laboured breaths getting rougher. His fingers dug into your skin and came back to your waist pushing you back onto him harder, "Come on baby, you can come inside me." You moaned. That made him push into you harder and faster. He was wrecking your body, his hidden strength coming out a bit and you guessed it wasn't even half as strong as he actually was. "Y/n." He moaned, so close. You tightened around him, the way he called your name was so hot. He pushed you back over the bed, his hands coming over yours and his last few power thrusts into led to his release. He was in you when he came and you felt how hot his ribbons were. He kissed the side of your head while still panting. He pulled out of you and laid down on the bed. "See don't you feel better now?" You chuckled. "Yeah actually." "Sehun, do me a favor," He looked at you, "Don't start anything with Jongin okay. It's important that the group stays united. I will tell Yifan what I know once I have everything checked out but I really need you to play nice okay. Something's about to go down and we're going to need the team together as a family to handle it." You said. "What's happening?" He asked while turning on his side to look at you. "JYP is stirring up some trouble and SM thinks he's coming for us next." "Shit." He said. You kissed him, "Don't worry. We'll survive it as long as we don't fuck up okay?" He nodded and you gave him a hug, "I need to go talk to Yifan. Go back and finish help counting the money." He nodded. You got up first to get dressed again. You needed a shower now, then you could go talk to Yifan. You had to call SM again but this time you'd do it with Yifan in the room at the very least then he could hear the report of the officers death: where the entry wounds were. The problem was his paranoia would grow. Someone in SM was trying to kill him or maybe someone in the group. Plus JYP's men were on the move and who called SM boss to tell him Yifan was shot? It was going to be a long night you could already tell...
WHAT IN FUUSHWHAAA MOO JUICE IS GOING ON?!!! THANK GOODNESS MY LUHAN WAS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! *I'm screaming very loudly mind you! * intense very very intense!!!
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