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I just want to take a moment and say Happy Birthday to The beautiful man Tae! what I love right now is that y birthday a day before Tae's. so I did a joint birthday story that's short and fun. ( I made Tae a little more mature in this then his goofy self)
Walking through the grocery store he kept just looking at all of the bakery. I couldn't help but stare at it all. Soon enough if we hung around this area any longer I was going to get that pie, and those croissants oh and Jelly donuts, the deli area was a whole other list. "Tae if we don't leave this area soon I'm going to start buying things" I warned him. "Penny settle down. We're just looking" Tae said. Obviously he didn't know me like he thought. "Tae Tae I'm highly debating getting at least 4 things." I told him. "Well we can get a cake for your birthday" Tae grinned at me. I smiled "Can we?" I lit up. "And one for your birthday!" I added. Tae chuckled. "You know my birthday is a day after yours" he pointed out. "I know! Oh I get cake and you get cake!" I said looking at the selections. "Okay well we can come back on our way home. Were going next door to get a new piece of luggage for me" Tae said. Sighing I nodded. "Well be right back" Tae said. "Yea, but you just made me crave pie and cake and now your taking it away from me" I pouted. "Penny more time for you to decide. You know I haven't gotten you a present yet either. If you see anything in here you like" he said. "You know you had the chance yesterday when I bought my new purse in front of you. " I told him. "you bought it before I had a chance" he said giving me an annoyed look. "I did" I chuckled "but we were in the shop for so long" I said. "And I was attracted to shiny necklaces" he chuckled. "Did you see one you liked?" I asked. "No too girly for me" he shook his head "It's fine. I'm getting you new luggage for your birthday"  I shrugged. "That's true" he nodded In the shop we scowered the store to find him a carry on piece of luggage and then I went to the clearance section and we had fun looking through the stuff. I found a bunch of coffee! At the register I put the piece of luggage up so the lady could scan it, Tae was standing next to me with my Godiva coffee grounds and instant Starbucks coffee packets and a soft blanket in his hands, my birthday present. "Put it on I'll get the coffee too" I said. "What! No" Tae exclaimed "I'm buying your birthday present" he said. "Your buying mine" he added. The cashier laughed. She was a young girl with her hair in dreadlocks and a piercing in her nose. "Looks like he's going away for his birthday and your staying home with hot coffee and snuggled in a blanket " she said. "Yup that's exactly what's happening. " I laughed. "Penny" Tae sighed. "I need new luggage and she wanted coffee and a blanket. Its going to be a day in for her birthday" Tae said wrapping his arm around my shoulder and winking at the cashier. "And cake! Your getting me cake for my birthday" I added making him hang his head and laugh. The lady laughed. "That was subtle" the girl said. "Of course. I know what I want" I grinned. Its funny after we paid we went outside and Tae burst out laughing. We got my caramel chocolate pie and Tae got a vanilla birthday cake from the grocery store. We ended up getting a pizza to go with it and went home. "Now no touching these until tomorrow" Tae said to me. I nodded "penny I mean it" he stated. "I won't" I grinned. The day of my birthday I got up early and woke up Tae. "Tae Tae. Its my birthday! Wakey wakey!" I said. His arms wrapped around me and a smile came over him as he pulled me close. "Happy birthday pumpkin!" He grinned then leaned up to kiss me. I giggled and pulled him up. "Can we celebrate our birthdays together?" I asked him. "Of course pumpkin" he agreed. "Happy birthday tater tot!" I said.
Very cute.....and Tae does love strawberries. My daughter's bday is in a couple days, and I still have to figure out what to get her. She doesn't like cake....maybe a cheesecake. (It also looks like the signed Astro album isn't going to come in time either...sigh).
it's sooo cute!!
yaaaay happy birthday💕
💙💙💙 Thankies 😀😀😀