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happy birthday taehyung !!!
oh my goodness it's taehyung's birthday but i wanted to make this as quick as possible. this will be all about my ultimate bias and everyone's favorite smol extra bean 사랑해 김탱형 ♡♡♡ *also im super sorry that i don't post much anymore !! i'm super busy with school and i hope to post more now that i'm on a break but we'll see*
oml i love this boy so much he's so precious and talented and deserves the world (just a fair warning tae is my ultimate bias ♡♡♡) he's so cute and beautiful and im so happy for his acting career that's taking off.
his voice is so beautiful and i wish that he got more lines. his deep voice is beautiful and soothing and oh goodness i could go on. i hate to admit it but i had no idea his voice could go so high ?????? (in stigma jfc)
sometimes he can be soft
but damn can he switch in a second
anyway i hope my sunshine has an amazing birthday and i hope he eats a lot and rests up !!
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