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Okay chapter 2. I think I'll try and post a chapter each day. If not, then idk haha anyways~ decided to do a flash back type for this chapter. Cause of Minhee and Baekhyun having the same history with Tao.

So enjoy.

"We're in position" I said over the mic, Baek was on the ground watching the exit. "Can you see me Bommy?" Tao asked, I looked through the scope and seen his blonde hair. "Yea Panda, be careful there are three right in front." I said getting ready to take them out. "I don't like this Bom." Baek said I nodded as if he can see me. He was right, why would Bangtan need extra guys? "We need to pull him out of there." Said again. "Tao you need to get out of there now, we're aborting this mission." I said. As I was about to pull back, I heard gunfire, I looked back into my scope, Tao was fighting them off as much as he can. "Bom!?" I heard Baek yell, "we need to get down there." He said again. I looked again, and seen them kick Tao to the ground. I heard him panting into the mic. "Let's find out where his comrades are, shall we?" I looked closely to see who said it, then his face appeared "Hoseok" I said, "Baek we need a plan, he's gunna kill him, get your sniper out." I said. "I'm not telling you... even if you kill me." He said. He spat out some blood. With that Hoseok punched him enough to make him fall. "Tell me, if you value your life Zitao" he said he looked at him. "You don't think I didn't know who you were, you and your friends from EXO are dead." He said again. This time he backed off as I seen a couple of his members that i recognized as Jungkook and Yoongi. I seen Tao look up towards us. "Noona, I love you... do what you need to do and run." He said. I stood there "just take the shot" he said again. I was heisting at first. "Your not really going to kill are you?" Baek asked, I felt tears come down. "JUST DO IT!" I heard Tao yelled not only over the mic but outside it as well. I looked through the scope and aimed down Tao. He gave me smile. -bang- I looked away, tears falling as I pulled up my face mask. "LETS GO BAEK" I yelled picking my stuff up and running down the stairs. Bangtan are gunna be in this building to find us if we wait any longer. I ran to our car and jumped in the driver seat, I seen someone run up as a pulled my gun on him, "It's me Bom" I heard Baek say as he jumped in, I started up the car and took off to our safe house. As we drove I seen a black car following us. I stared at it and watched it. "Baek? That car is following us." I said. He looked back as well, "keep going straight then turn and speed up and take the alley" he said. I did as he said and sped up and made a fast turn, then sped up some more, the first ally I seen I turned down it, I quickly parked and turned the car off. We sat down so our heads wouldn't show, as we seen the same car drive right by. "Let's clean out the safe house quickly." He said as we jumped out. We cleaned and secured everything that could trace to where our hideout is, and ran back to the car. We pulled up to a mechanics and drop the car off, we told the owner to trash is as he gave us a new car. "Shit!" Baekhyun said. We were finally driving home. I looked at him. He punched the dashboard and was getting mad. "Why the fuck did you have to pull the trigger?" He asked angrily. "What would you have done! Let them torture him? He would've broke and all three of us would dead." I said back to him. "You heard him tell me to do it Baek." I said again and shifted the gears. He went silent, but you could feel the tension in the car. We pulled up to the house, Baekhyun leaving out the car fist and slamme the door as I followed after him. After going into the house I heard feet running to the front door. "Thank god!" Jongin said running and pulling us into a hug. "We thought we lost you guys." He said. "No.. just Tao." Baekhyun smirked and pushed past me, with Kyungsoo and Junmyeon following after. "What do you mean?" I asked. "The safe house you guys had got caught on fire.... Tao's body was found there." Chanyeol spoke coming out of the office. He walked up to me and pulled me into a hug, "I'm glad your safe Minnie." He said. I felt tears come down, "got get cleaned up then you can come back down to make your report to Yixing." He said I nodded and went upstairs. After I got out of the shower, I wrapped my towel around myself and went to sit on my bed. I felt more tears fall, "Hey Bom..." I looked up to see Minseok walking in and closing the door behind him. He walked up to me, pulling me up and hugged me. I just broke down and cried. "Shhhh, it's okay. You did what you had to do." He said. I just cried some more. He pulled me back and kissed my forehead, "Jagiya, don't cry anymore okay." He said I looked up at him. "O..Oppa." I said, he captured my lips, as my towel fell and he's clothes went somewhere... The next morning, I got up and looked to my left to see Minseok still asleep. I hurried and got dressed and went downstairs. Going straight to the office, I seen Yixing, "Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded. "I want to request grievance." I said he looked up at me. "Why is that?" He asked. "I want to go to the states and train some more, everything that happened last night was my fault." I simply said. "Well... I guess that could be alright, when did you want to leave?" He asked. "Soon as possible." I replied. He nodded. "Fine, I'll get a flight booked for tomorrow morning, I suggest you pack.. and also send Minseok down here when you get to your room." He smirked and looked back down at his paperwork. I nodded and left the office. Tomorrow, I'll start packing now. --------- 8 months later--------- "Minhee?" I looked up to see him calling me, I smiled. "About time you got here." I said getting up from the table I was at. "Did you wait long jagi?" He said I smiled at that. "No, just about five minutes." I said. Hugging him as he kissed my cheek. "What is it that you have to tell me?" He asked. I took a deep breath as he grabbed my hands. "Jin... I'm going back to Seoul." I said. He looked at me and smiled. "Oh thank god." He exclaimed and laughed, I looked at him confused. "I thought you were breaking up with me." He said again. This time I laughed. "So what do you think? I mean you'll still be here." I said again. "Don't worry about it, I really like you Minhee, I knew the moment I seen you." He replied. "Come on let's get some lunch." He said getting up and pulling me along with him. To me this was perfect, this is what a normal life was, besides me meeting up with on of our trainers and training and doing little missions here and there. Being with Seokjin was the perfect most normal thing, but keeping the secret that I'm actually in a gang known in Seoul, I don't know how to tell him that. That's if I'll ever tell him. Before I knew it the day of me returning back to Seoul came, Jin drive me to the airport, when he picked me up, he was driving a really nice car. He told me he borrowed it from his brother. I smiled when he talked about his family, he never told me their real names just nicknames they went by. "Okay Minnie, text me when you land." He said before I left to the terminal, he hugged me and kissed my head. "I'll see you soon Seokjin." I replied. He smiled as I turned from him and left. What am I going to do?
Well... there it is lol 😂 But no really, what do you think? Everything that happened... I was going to keep the guy a secret buuuuut decided to tell his name. (Do I sense a Romeo and Juliet theme?) Let me know in the comment below what you think, and also if you liked to be tagged in the next one~ My Kpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock <----- My Luhan @BBxGD @evieevelyn @RochelleRose @BiasKpop ------------- @CallMeMsDragon @everiemisfit @stephany123 @TracyLynnn @jyesung72 @makidabebe @VeronicaArtino @lopleaf19 @Babydollbre @chenisbaekasy @KeraDelatorre