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Surprise! I felt bad for making the last chapter so skimpy, so I decided to post this next chapter sooner, rather than later. I'm working really hard on this story, so I'll try to keep up with it as much as possible. Don't doubt my devotion! On with the show!
I was glad I had gotten a day off so I could work on my presents for Christmas coming up. It would be here in about two weeks, and it would be the first Christmas on my own in a foreign country. I could spend the holidays with Emma’s family, but I wasn’t sure if I should.
I finally got to finish my sister’s letter and pen one of my own. I ran it by the mailbox on my way to work this morning. I also got one more song recorded and tonight I’d be working out the kinks before adding it to my growing collection of recorded songs.
“Good morning!” Hyuk bounced into the room, followed by the guys.
“So, Miss Smith, we heard that you are pretty good at singing.”
I stopped moving and looked at them, eyes suspicious, “Really? And who said that?”
“Just someone. Anyway, we wanted you to sing for us, since we sang for you.”
I glared for a moment, suspicious about their source of information, then sighed and gave up, I would never find out in the end anyway, so why question it? “Fine. What should I sing?”
“Well, we thought, since you know all of our songs so well, you could sing a duet with…Ken.”
Ken grinned and I blushed.
It was a childhood dream of mine to sing a duet with a handsome man who could sing amazing, like Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, etc. But this? If I was the fainting type, it would be right at this moment.
“I would love to sing with you Ken, but I don’t know what we could sing. How about you think of one, and in the meantime I can sing with Leo?”
Everyone looked at Leo, who looked up, surprised. “Why Leo?”
“Well, he’s done a whole bunch of duets with female kpop singers and I know all of them, so it would be perfect, because our parts would already easily be picked out.”
“Huh, that does make sense. What song were you thinking?”
“Well…my favorite song that you’ve done a duet for is Blossom Tears.”
“That one?”
“You have to remember, you’re music video for Voodoo Doll is what made me love your group,” I reminded. Hongbin nodded in acknowledgment and the others chuckled.
“I guess you’re right. Well Leo, are you up for a duet?”
“Do you need music?”
“I don’t. Do you?” I looked at Leo, happy that he was so willing to sing with me. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to sing with Ken, but Leo too, was a dream come true.
“I’m ready when you are then,” I smiled at him.
He looked directly at me, as if he were trying to figure me out, then turned his eyes away, and started singing.
피로 번진 네 뺨에 흐르는 이별
왜냐고 묻는 너의 입술이 슬퍼
아니 다가오지 마 그런 표정 짓지도 마
그냥 나를 지나쳐가
수없이 속삭이던 사랑의 말은
찰나에 부서지는 우리 둘 약속은
아니 이건 꿈이야 네 두 눈이 말해주잖아
그냥 나를 다시 안아
사랑했다 아꼈었다 그뿐이다
사랑하다 미워진 것
그 이유 하나야
내가 너를 모르겠니
내게 거짓말하잖아
날 사랑하잖아 넌 그대로잖아
널 사랑하지 않아
사랑한다 아니 날 사랑 안 한다
꽃잎을 따다 그저 하염없이 운다
꽃잎은 내 발 밑을 적셔
We sang the entire song together perfectly, our voices completely in sync and complimentary to each other. At some point, I don’t know when, we ended up looking directly at each other, and I forgot about everything except him and his voice.
Everything was silent until the door opened, “Who is singing in here? It was amazing,” the boss walked in.
I blushed and tried to straighten my papers, “It was Leo and Miss Smith,” Hakyeon explained.
“Miss Smith, you did not tell me you sang as well.”
“It’s just a hobby, I’m not that good.”
“Apparently you are. This evening, I’d like to talk to you in my office please.”
“Yes sir,” I bowed respectfully and didn’t stand up again until he was gone. I wasn’t sure what I looked like, but I don’t think I looked very good because Ken placed a hand on my shoulder.
“Are you okay? You look pale.”
“Yes, of course,” I put on a smile, “I was just surprised is all. I think he still scares me,” I laughed.
“He’s a good boss,” Ravi stated.
“You know Miss Smith, I would love to sing a duet with you, especially now that I know what sort of singing you can handle,” Ken grinned.
“I’d love to. When you think of a good song, let me know, I’ll sing it with you.”
“Yes!” Hyuk cheered and I grinned.
“Now, enough playing around, you have English to learn.”
That evening after lessons, I left the guys chatting and made my way to the boss’s office, “You wanted to see me?” I knocked and entered.
“Yes. Please, take a seat.”
I sat down and tried to remain calm, I hoped he wouldn’t fire me for doing something so casual with the guys.
“I was very pleased by your singing this morning, and I am also hearing good reports about your teaching. VIXX has given you great compliments on the ease of understanding and how you make it better to learn faster.”
“They are complimenting me too much. They are all talented and intelligent, they catch on quickly,” I explained.
“Nevertheless, it seems you are a woman of many talents. When you have some time, I want you to stop by on your day off and I would like to have one of my artists practice a song with you. Nothing professional, you understand, just to practice.”
“Absolutely, I understand perfectly.”
“Excellent. I look forward to your continued employment.”
“Me too, thank you sir,” I bowed respectfully and took my leave, closing the door to his office quietly and leaning against the wall, sighing in relief, “Thank god he didn’t fire me.”
“So you’ll be practicing with Sung Si Kyung! That will be amazing,” Ken said suddenly, in front of me.
“Sorry, the door was open and you looked a bit scared.”
“Ah, yeah, thank you. I was scared.”
“But you’ll be helping him practice, that’ll be good. It’ll be his first duet in a while. He usually focuses on other things besides singing these days.”
“Yes. I studied up on him before being hired. He really is such an amazing singer though, I feel honored to be able to even just practice with him,” I grinned.
“I’ll be rooting for you. Besides, it will be nice to see you on your day off too.”
I blushed as he fixed my scarf for me, “Stay warm.”
“You too,” I really wanted to hug him, or kiss him either one would work realistically. But, I pushed down those desires and instead bowed slightly, “Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow bright and early.”
“Is she gone?” Ravi asked.
“Yeah, I just saw her off,” Ken grinned, “She’s very cute.”
“I agree. I’m glad she’s our teacher.”
“She and Leo, you guys did such an amazing job. I got it on video so we can hear it again and again,” Hyuk held up his phone triumphantly.
“She was very talented,” Leo acquiesced. “And very thoughtful.”
“I was surprised that she opted to sing with you though, instead of Ken, who she really likes. You’re lucky you did some good duets so she knew them.”
“Come on, we have a long day of learning tomorrow again,” Hakyeon urged them.
When I got home that night, I received a text message from GD <So I hear that you sing?>
*Do you just know everything?*
<An American English Teacher who can sing in Korean and sing well?>
<Lol. You should sing for me sometime.>
*Ha. Ha. Ha.*
<I’m being quite serious, I want to hear you>
*Well I’m sorry to disappoint, but I have no intention of embarrassing myself again by having you listen to my terrible singing ability*
<It can’t be that bad if my friend is gushing about it>
*…maybe, if I am feeling up to it*
<I hope it’s sometime soon then>
I sighed and set my phone aside, just what had I gotten myself into now?
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