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So I'm notorious for embarrassing myself...I mean I'm a person who trips over nothing, 24/7 on a sugar high, and socially awkward (not really a good combination). I'll probably do something like this or worse...*sigh* Credits!
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id probably trip coming back for the coffee...then spill the coffee...then run off and never come back
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Lol I'd probably do the same thing...I'm already quiet famous for doing 'random gravity checks' (hint: I have 2 left feet)
There is no way I could even go. LOL
@Tigerlily84 i cant either xD
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so cute. I wouldn't even be able to process that that angel was giving me coffee cause I'd be staring at his cute smile
I'm so awkward too, the few celebrities I've had the chance to meet involved me giggling nervously and running into things, or freezing up completely then running away. It's just as bad when I'm around an attractive man, I'm just generally super smooth always.