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So I was just listening to 1 verse Jhope's mixtape. And I thought -this boy is really a ball of sunshine- I was comparing Rapmonster's 'Do you' and Suga's 'Agust D'
This was probably almost impossible to not see. Suga just drops swears with no problem and shows the finger.
Rapmonster's mixtape was literally just a swear every 10 seconds. He also showed the the finger.
Just think about it, Jhope's mixtape only had a few swears. But also think- how can this...
go to this...
This was just me spewing weird thoughts.
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There are so many sides that we have yet to see.
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yes very true
a year ago
God, I know how you feel!!
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wooooah there jhoe
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Next thing we know, Jungkooks gonna be releasing solo music dancing with half-naked ladies lolol
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