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Hello Everyone! I have been given the honor of continuing on with the Winner Mod Squad! Thank you, @resavalencia! This quarter, I hope to do much better!

Down below, are a few things about me!

About me;

I am currently 17 years old. Kpop music has been a part of my life for the last three or four years. The WINNER group has been a part of my life since they debuted. And my bias is Jinwoo! I like to think that I'm rather creative, and I really like interacting with people. Something that I enjoy doing is writing. I love writing, and it is honestly my passion. I just get lazy sometimes, hahah. Random fact; I own a small ball python named Eva! (Putting beads on her is so hard; she tends to move around a lot!)

This quarter, I will be representing Kim Jinwoo, once more! I will be posting cards on Saturday's! Please look forward to everything Jinwoo!

Its going to be a Great Quarter. 😊
I'm so glad to have you with me again ❤
tag me please