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So my first half-try with this Christmas DLC (I was on family vacation when it came out, so I wasn't gonna play, but I couldn't resist trying it out at least once!), I landed on 707. I wasn't aiming for anyone, but I suppose it was to be expected since he's my husbando of husbandos, I'd most recently completed his route in the main story, and I was sympathetic to his plight, knowing about his childhood and all. Anyways, after a smooth sailing Christmas with Zen, I decided to get Jaehee over with - no offense to Jaehee, but she gets saddled with boring routes, poor girl!
It turned out to be surprisingly tough to stay on target with her! After the first 2 visual novels, they seem to indicate whichever character you're closest to at that point, so, much as I love him, I was a bit disappointed when my 3rd visual novel was about Seven...
But I didn't give up on her, and by the "Christmas morning" I was back on track!
The next visual novel confused me a bit... I wasn't sure, but I was concerned I might have derailed again and redirected to Yoosung! I even had an inkling layer that I'd redirected yet again to Jumin!
Finally when Jumin got Luciel to get me to the even early to help Jaehee did I know I'd accomplished my mission! Plus it was nice that I got to help out!
The ending intrigued me, since it seemed a bit closer to the bicurious stuff I'd been hoping for with her in this game... More interesting than her story route, when compared with the guys, but still not as fun as Christmas with 707 or Zen... My cinnamon roll is up next! Yoosung was the first route I ever got in this game and still holds a special place in my heart, so I'm excited to be with him again! Can't wait for his adorably jealous phone call to come around again! ♡ Hope you all are enjoying this Christmas Special as much as I am! Tagging my Mystic sisters! Let me know if you wanna be added or removed! @RogueLeigh @SimplyAwkward @Sharia @QBDaBest @JustinaNguyen @alexcattura @trustfundkid @QueenPandaBunny @Drageonix
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Awwwww so cute