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Mornings 2 types...

Why are mornings do hard? Even if i get 8hrs I still want to sleep lol. Anime gets me though, totally two types and not afraid to express it What's your type? Leave me a comment below letting me know ❤.
Type 1: Love Morning Oh how I envy them...and hate them lol
Type 2: Hate Mornings Totally a type 2....just can't deal
I'm going back to sleep haha. Happy Sleeping ❤
Phone alarm: *cheesy music* Get up, get up, ah... Me: *throws phone* @%€#$&£¥₩°^*#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Okay, I don't actually throw the phone. But I sure want to. 😂)
type 2 & the last one. three years ago I broke myself of the habit of throwing my alarm clock and I do a progression alarm system: two alarms on my atomic clock and three to four alarms on my phone each set to a different anime OP or ED.
@AnbuRose 😂😂
@SabrinadLoran I have an alarm system too. I have two phone alarms. One actual alarm and one alarm with Alexa. And at times I still don't get up on time.
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