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Confession to mi papi chulo Jimin

Que tal peeps!

I'm here doing a confession card for Jimin from BTS.
Jimin mi papi chulo. My UB. Te amo....Siempre te querré! I will admit I thought my UB would be some other. However, when my naive eyes feel upon your smooth skin and cat eyes. Your god like talents I knew you had to be mine. Yout heart of immortal youthful gold is what set it in stone. Everytime I hear that angelical voice I swear I'm impregnated with million of our awesome music babies. You are a gift that I wish was all mine, but you are too big to be tamed in my box beating in my chest. But in my own world you are mi papi chulo even though you may not know. My heart belongs to you. I will be ur ARMY through and through......
That's a confession that shows how much you love him ❤
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