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So my dreamers, its a new Quarter in a new year! This quarter, things are gonna be run a little bit differently than last time, with more activities, weekly challenges, and a whole bunch of stuff! The NCT Team and I have already discussed and started planning a whole bunch of fun in store for you guys, so please stay tuned! Speaking of the NCT Team, I would like to introduce you to them and after wards I shall tell you about the NCT Team Application!
@AimeeH - Taeil
@MelissaGarza - Taeyong
@twistedPuppy - Johnny
@JiyongLeo - Winwin
@VKookie47 - Jaehyun and Jisung
@AaliyahNewbell - Doyoung
Myself - Haechan and Ten
Now, on to the NCT Team Application. If you want to be apart of the NCT team, we have 4 spots we can fill. If you are interested, please send me a message, either through Vingle or through Line (my ID is sugakookietaetae2.0). After the decision for the 4 remaining spots on the NCT Team have been decided, there will be a card posted with the 4 new members.
Now, on to the NCT Team Official Tag list! The link to this card will be posted on all of mine and the rest of the NCT Teams cards. If you would like to be tagged in any of our cards, I ask that you please send a comment to the comment section of this card. Thank You!
Okay now, on to NCT Community Guidelines and Rules * Absolutely no smut about NCT Dream what so ever, mainly because NCT Dream consists of NCT babies and neither I or the NCT Team like the idea of there even being smut about the Dream babies. * If you do write an NCT smut oneshot, you MUST have a warning either in the title of your card or at the very beginning. If you fail to include a warning, your card will be removed from the community. * Still on fan fiction, the fan fiction has to relate to NCT in some way, if there is nothing NCT related in your fan fiction or one shot, it will be removed. * Please do not post irrelevant cards in the community * If you have a card that has multiple idol groups and multiple idols, as long as there is something NCT related in your card you can post it here in the community *No bullying, trolling, or fan wars. None. Notta. Not allowed. If myself or someone from the NCT Team hears about something like this, it will be shut down as soon as possible {If someone is harrasing you in any way please feel free to message me or one of the members of the NCT Team. We are here for you, we want you to feel safe in the community, so please if some one is bothering you, message us} ***That is all for the Community Guidelines and Rules, with all that being said, let's have an amazeballs, fun, fantastical 1st Quarter***
please can you tag me? :)
Sure can!!
tag please
Sure thing!
Congratulations on being moderator again! May you please add me to your tag list
I can!
Hiya! Can I be added to the tag list please?
I can!
Personally, I don't think there should be smut written about any underage baby idols....and there are quite a few of them -- NCT, Astro, Viction, SF9, etc...
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Technically the farthest we will drop the age here for the Rules in NCT is 18, if the idol is under the age of 18 is when the card will be removed from the community, since technically the legal age is 18