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Hello everyone,

I have decided to spam you with Hyungwon by using each letter of his last name (Chae) to place a theme for each spam section.

Hope you enjoy this spam!!

C - Cute

H - Handsome

A - Airport Fashion

E - Everyday Meme

Hyungwon Singing Parts Compilation Video

Since I feel like Hyunwon doesn't get many parts and his voice is so soothing to me. I just want to attach this video to show off Hyungwon's talent that is most of the time hidden.

Hyungwon Complement Compilation

Hyungwon's looks are no joke, even when others think otherwise, members and others have also complemented his attractiveness.
These videos + pictures made me realize some reasons why I stan Hyungwon even though he has been very underrated lately~ ♡

Where are all the Hyungwon Stans at? :)

Monsta Mod Team:


@Helixx Aaaah Thank you so much for such sweet words ♡ I did have such an amazing team that I wouldn't change! They were there as great support. *blush blush* 😊
I would just like to say thank you for all of your efforts and dedication to moderating the MONSTA X community this quarter. You and your support team have done an amazing job and should be very proud of yourselves.
Hyungwon is definitely underrated.
This card is too much for my heart🤤😫😫😍😍😍
Ikr @ArmyofKookie ❤ I had some heart attacks while making it~