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Yuri: *sigh* Like last year. I should just save myself and stay off sing (something like that, can't see it well myself, sorry) Victor: Yuuri, are you awake? Yuri: Huh- yeah What is it Victor? It's unusual you're up this late...
Victor: Happy Birthday Yuuri
Yuri: That outfit....Victor. .....why... -He was from such a distant world and I admired him for so long and even when I would be with him in the same stage, he was still so far away- Victor: Right now, I'm not here as your coach
Victor: I'm here as Victor Nikiforov who wants to celebrate your birthday Yuri: To be honest. I always thought my birthday was kind of a pain but this .. It's like a dream. The Victor I've admired so much....having you here to celebrate my birthday
My apologies for not celebrating Yuri Katsuki's birthday, T^T *sniff* I feel so bad.......*cries* credit to artist anime: Yuri!!! on ice
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:') That was the most beautiful thing.... 👏👏👏👏👏👏