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New story idea? 🤔
I haven't been able to do any writting because my computer has been acting up... but i have been typing ideas on my phone... this is one of them.. let me know what you think? I dont have a title... or character names... heck idk who the main guy is gonna be.. just ideas... *sighs*
Shattered feelings, Broken promises, Disappointment… that was all I had ever known. Love, Friendship, Joy… to me those things only happened in fairytales. But if you were to pass by me on the street you most likely would have never guessed that was how I felt about such things…. I can wear a smile like an accessory, laugh like it's a bad habit, and pretend to care like an actress. I had the mask of a happy go lucky person on my face. But underneath was nothing… just the emotionless shell of a body. There was only one person who knows who I really am… he is also the same person who gets under my skin and makes me constantly question myself. He is the only one who has ever seen me remove this mask of mine. He has seen my hidden demons, and I have seen his. Every ruthless and defile thing has been laid out before us. And although I should hate him for the things that he has done, I can't. They say young love is treacherous... and they were right.

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YESSS. I think the main persons name should be Jisung I don't know why, but it sounds fitting.
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Ooooohhhhhh!!!!! Wait that's it???? Where's the rest of it????
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You should continue it
10 months ago
sounds interesting. I'm already hooked :)
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😯I think it sounds like a good story
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looks interesting
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