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*Spoilers* I will always be a Kaname x Yuki shipper!! U am so happy they were together & had their daughter, Ai! However, i was sad that kaname sacrificed himself and left Yuki and his daughter on their own. I admire yuki for being so loyal abd devoted to kaname. But now that kaname has been "sleeping" for thousands of years, zero x yuki is slowly happening. I support them now. I think its sweet that they can be together. Zero will never be Kaname, but he pairs with Yuki well. All in all, Yuki got to keep be with both of them. Plus now Ai, has a brother, Ren ( Zero x Yuki's son). A great ending to the story! Both teams win!
Oh yeah! @AmazingAshley I'm a little disappointed how it ended though.
ALSO SPOILER: If I remember right, Yuuki also sacrifices her life so kaneme can be human, right? It's been a while sin e my friend had me read it.
@LostMage Yep! Thats where the sequel vampire knight : memories picks up, Yuki's kids are telling kaname what happened after he sacrificed his heart