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Hello Darlings! I'm Emmy, and I'm excited to be sharing with you the fact that I was chosen to be a part of the Korean Stars Community Mod Support Team! I am an avid fan of Korean dramas and K-Pop, as well as enjoying watching variety shows and listening to Korean radio broadcasts (as I am nearly fluent in Korean). I think this puts me in a strong position to share with you information on the latest and greatest, as well as some underrated or lesser-known Korean Stars. I hail from the midwest of the United States, and though my toes may be cold this time of year, I find my tone and heart are always warm. I am an Eomma through and through, and even though that means putting my foot down, in the long run, it makes me a good leader, and teamwork is certainly in my group of fortes. Just as a small introduction for you, I'm going to share my favorite Actor and Actress, as well as my favorite idol group. I hope you enjoy this little foray into my preferences, and as always, let me know if you want to be tagged in my personal tag list, and if you want to be tagged in the Korean Stars list, all you have to do is comment here.
My favorite actor is the lovely Go Kyung Pyo. Recently you could find him as the ever-charming Go Jung-Won in Jealousy Incarnate. However! I fell in love with him all the way back in 2013, when he was in Flower Boy Next Door, where he played Oh Dong Soon, the drawing partner and roommate of the second male lead, Oh Jin Rak. He was also Sung Sun Woo in the ever-popular Reply 1988.
My favorite actress is the one and only Park Shin Hye. Early on in my quick decent into the black hole that is being a fan of dramas, I watched You're Beautiful. It was my second drama, and I could not have been more excited about it. Not only did it have the lovely Park Shin Hye in it, it also starred several of my favorite k-pop guys; Yonghwa and Hongki! I loved her in YB, and then went on to love her in Heartstrings, glad that Yonghwa got a second chance with her! I've followed her career, enjoying any and all shows she was a part of, especially her recent drama, Doctor Crush.
Close second place favorite Actors and Actresses will be revealed later! Be prepared for some familiar, and unfamiliar faces!
If you know me at all, you will already know, that my favorite idol group is Super Junior. I have been an ELF for 9 years now, and am so proud to be a part of the legendary Sapphire Ocean. I first fell in love with them after watching some of their videos while studying world music in college, and have been completely enamored ever since. I am an OT15, and support all of our boys in whatever endeavors they pursue, including those into acting, or solo work, which I will eventually cover, I'm sure, in one way or another.
I am SO so SO so excited to be a part of the Korean Stars Mod Team. We're going to bring you some fantastic content, so please, join us in a shared love of Korean Stars! •Korean☆Mod Squad•: @Eswee @xoxorittie @ShailaZaman @OppasManBun @Baekyeol27 @AwkwardJazzy ▪Korean☆Babes▪ @faith92 @amobts @AimeeH @KenyaMendoza @IsabellaCherry
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Park Shin Hye is sooi pretty 😍