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Hey guys!! Before i start, i wanted to say congrats to all the new mods and support this quarter! ♡ Hello everyone! Im Violet and i will be the moderator of the BTS community for Q1 !! ♡♡ I thank Vingle for giving me this oppertunity and i will not dissapoint you !! ♡♡☆☆

3 Quick Facts About Myself:

1.) BTS are my UB Group! ♡♡

2). Jimin is my UB ! (And the love of my life)

I fell for Jimin not because of his looks, but how he is as a person, i fell for his heart. ♡♡ ... and the rest is for another day. lol

3). Regaurdless of my love for BTS i am indeed a multifandom ! :))

This quarter i will be representing Jimin !! ♡♡♡♡

I will try my best to make my Jimin cards unique and enjoyable to all !! ♡♡

Thats all guys!! ♡♡ Lets have an amazing quarter!! :))

tag please
But Gdragon is my ultimate bias 😍️️
Ahh i can see by your profile pic :) Gd Is my Bigbang bias 😊😊
Jimin is my bias too 😍️️
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Yeah he is SO talented !! And legit one of my fav song writers 👍👍
I'm guessing you already picked ur support.....
Yeah in the application card i mentioned i was going to decide friday the 30th, it really was a hard decision.