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Hey Dreamers! Its your moderator, Jordan here! If you are new to the NCT community, first I would like to say welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy it here. Second, I'd like to introduce myself!
*My name is Alexandria Shuler but I go my my middle name, which is Jordan. *I was born April 12 and I am 15 years old *I go to NGHS here in little Tennessee *I play multiple instruments like the piccolo, flute, piano, and a bunch of percussion instruments *My bias group is now BTS, because I adore how they are so freaking carefree and adorable *My other favorite kpop groups include VIXX, NCT, Boys Republic, Cross Gene, Seventeen, Black Pink, 4Minute :'( , SHINee, and a whole bunch more XD *I have many bias, but my 6 Ultimate biases are Vixx Ravi, BTS Taehyung, Black Pinks Lisa, and NCT's Haechan, Winwin, and Taeyong ***I'm just gonna put this out there but she is my queen, CL(She's freaking amazing)*** *I'm into a lot of American Mustle (cars, but I also like a lot of foreign mustle *I also love to talk, and I love to answer your questions X'D *I have multiple social media accounts: Snapchat - jordanshuler12 Instagram - alyj15_12 Twitter - AjLexi12_15 Line - sugakookietaetae2.0 Kakao - AlyJ Facebook - Alexandria Jordan Shuler
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Absolutely love you and glad I get to do the quarter with you and the others!! ♡
Aww, I love you too Aimee's!