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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome my lovely Tinkerbells and soon to be Tinkerbells. Once more I'm super stoked to be representing these lovely trees along with a beautiful group of ladies. Details are still in the developing stages but my lovely Crew and I will work hard to bring you more knowledge of these lovely men. So let's meet who's in charge of whom...

**Warning: card may be lengthy so bare with us**

Our manly man tree


Our man-child tree


Our sunshine tree


Our loud leader tree


Our savage maknae tree


I will represent all the members and any extraness needed to water our trees!! @IsoldaPazo


■Fanfics: these puppies are allowed as long as they are KNK main characters, one shots, fluff and good stuff. Basically has to involve KNK.

-If it mentions other groups, you can publish it in both the KNK community and the fanfic community until I edit this and the crew and I decide more on that- ** If it involves R-related theme or scenes or whatnot: YOU MUST PUT A WARNING. I don't care if these guys are old enough to be mentioned, just put the warning and we can avoid trouble on both sides okis.**

About Memes:

I love meme as much as the next person does but if there is only 1 KNK, you will be removed. I don't want a meme card with 15 same X-group meme and then that one random KNK meme. Just no. **There hasn't been much trouble on this but please...just don't** You will get your card removed in the community, no questions or warning. On a positive note...memes are welcome but have to include a lot more than 3 KNK ones in order to stay in the community.



Respect yourself, respect members, respect that group.

No fan wars, no fighting, no insulting, no bad talking, no arguing, no negativity period. Again, I have been fortunate to not come across any MAJOR disrespect regarding a member or group I was in charge of and would love to keep it that way. If you happen to encounter such a situation please direct them to 1-800-GET-HELP On a serious note: if someone is bothering you please feel comfortable with any of my mod supporters and myself. We have or been through something and life throws a whole lot of unnecessary handsome men our if you feel or are being attacked let us know. If it's via Vingle let Vingle know as well. Also you can ignore that person and if worst case scenario comes to surface...block them. No ponder about it just block and enjoy music, drama, story or whatever is your pleasure.
Show love to the trees. These men have a lot more to grow and will only do so with love and positive vibes. **If you would like to be tagged or untagged or whatnot COMMENT down below** 고마워요!! Tree Protectors: @IsoldaPazo @XxGummybear92xX @StefaniTre @awkwardjazzy @xoxorittie Tinkerbell Taglistialla: @DalyRomero @mbg3t @bapastro @PrettyInKpop21 @KenyaMendoza
please tag me especially in anything Seungjun related.
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My username's changed from xoxorittie to InfiniteKiss. ^_^
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