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Wah! Sorry im just now getting the chance to post this. We had one entry into Teen Top for the holiday fanfic contest :) I want to thank @CrookedShadow for writing a really fun story for our community. :) If you would like to read it please follow the link below https://www.vingle.net/posts/1907149? its a really great story :) When i get back to town i will work out a prize for our winner Congrats again to @CrookedShadow
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Thank you!! 😃
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Contests girl!! 😄😄
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@Lexxcisco Oh my god, I didn't even see that!! 😂😂
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Oh wow!! I totally forgot that I entered one for Teen Top cx Thank you!! I'm sad that no one else posted a story for Teen Top... :l But I'm really glad I did so they got some representation!!
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