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I always see this but never do it but now I think it would be fun with some K-Pop friends so let's try it. Feel free to tag friends too cx
if Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly then how'd it slip as she ran away?
Old people always say, "you're next" at weddings, so I started to do the same at funerals.
I don't, I just saw this on a meme . . .
You must reach down deep within yourself, like when you drink too much before going to bed, and you wake up in the middle of the night because you have to pee, but you don't want to leave your warm covers. You eventually stagger up to the bathroom, and finally, sweet sweet release, you let it all out. But oh no, you realize you were dreaming, in reality you're still bed, except you' peeing yourself, you feel the warmth spreading between your thighs, but you wont stop, you CAN'T stop! That is t
Tater tots with tarter sauce
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Attack On Titan Season 2 Better Not Be Postponed AGAIN!
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