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Alrighty everyone today I want to share with you all my BTS and Boys Republic confession to the leaders of both of these groups!
OneJunn, I know that being a leader can be hard at times because of all the things you have to do, however you still manage to keep a smile on you face and make those around you feel loved. Thank you for taking care of your members and always caring for us fans too. I know we sometimes can't give you enough to thank you but I hope our letters and words of encouragement are a good way for us to show you just how much we love you. I know it's not much to offer but we will do our best to love and support you I mean we wouldn't be apart of Royal Family if it wasn't for Boys Republic. Always smile, Royal Family is proud of you. Thank you and we love you πŸ’• -Sincerely Joseline
NamJoon, As the leader of BTS we can't image all the things you do for the boys and ARMY. So I would like to thank you for all of your hard work, love and support you have shown us throughout the years. I know we don't have much to offer but I hope you can accept our words of support and encouragement that shows how much we love and support you. You always do your best regardless of how hard it is and we just want to thank you for being you. It's ok if things get hard. No matter what happens we will always be there for you. So never stop smiling because we are so proud of you and love you so much. Thank you for making us happy. Thank you and we love you πŸ’• -Sincerely Joseline
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Oh that was so sweet. I loved your card ❀