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Dear my Beloved Jin, Oh boy my pink loving boy. Thank you for being there for every member of the group. I love your dedication to this group. You are so very talented from your cooking to your singing. πŸ’™ Never ever let anyone get you down handsome. Thank you for the music you help make and I hope 2017 is good to you. Stay warm and healthy! I love you so much! Love an ARMY... Kala πŸ’™
Dear Kookie, My beloved bias wrecker, my kookie. Im so proud of the young man you are coming. You are beyond blessed with this talent. I love your voice, your dancing, and your dedication to the music! I love you relationships with the other members. Especially Jimin and V, you all are so adorable!! Please always be yourself and let's conquer 2017 together! I love you so much baby boy! Love an ARMY... Kala πŸ’™
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I love your confessions ❀
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