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Dear my sweet baby, Jimin you my sweet boy are my bias. And ultimate bias wrecker. I love you very dearly. You are the light to my day and 🔑 to my ❤️. You are such a blessed man no matter how tall you are. You hold such an important place in my life. You were the first person of bts i fell in love with and in kpop all together. You are what started it all. I love how you are yourself no matter what. I love seeing that sweet sincere side of you who is sensitive. I love your hometown Busan. It's beautiful. I hope you are staying warm and healthy. Please get rest when possible. Also I love the love you have for your fans, family and lastly the members. You are dedicated 100%. Its beautiful. Let's enter 2017 together and be beautiful. 💙 I love you Jiminie. Love an ARMY.... Kala ❤️
Dear my handsome fashionable boy, Suwoong first off let me say to you that I love you! You are my bias of BR! I love how much of a fashionista you are. You are always wearing something different. Its adorable. I love how well you get along with the other members and fan! I also have declared you the selfie king of BR! Please stay warm and healthy! Lets be amazing together in 2017! I love you! Love, Kala 🌸