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Who: Reader x ot12 What: Thriller, suspense, Smut is involved.

Warning: 18+ is advised.

Story: You were a family until one wrong move brought paranoia into the mind of your boss. It's up to you to keep the gang together but with new challenges arising on the horizon it's possible there's no one that can be trusted. Prolouge Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three
Minjun's POV Minjun stood inside one of the JYP warehouse's pacing the floor. They hadn't made hits on their own in a long time. GOT7 was getting a big push in their career but compared to 2pm they were children. They were going around picking fights with different gangs and Minjun was scared that they'd go after YG sometime soon. Not to mention Exo was now in their sights. Exo had been taking over for a while and the heist they just pulled off was of high caliber. How they managed to get away even after killing a cop was beyond him. A helicopter tail hadn't come out till it was too late. Their systems were off for some reason. Exo would be making more moves and they still had Y/n. For three years she was in their care and she was working for them. It didn't feel right, if Jay was still alive he never would've allowed that to happen. He kept her out of this life as much as he possibly could. Minjun thought the last thing she'd do was side with the men that killed her husband. She'd never picked up a gun in her life, she was against violence, she was the perfect little innocent girl. Jay was all about sex and yet some how he fell in love and married a woman that hadn't slept with another man in her life. Now, from what Minjun heard, she'd slept with man different men to get her way and she was seeing Wu Yifan, the leader of Exo. This was all insane how could she have changed into a completely different person. She wasn't the same girl Jay had fallen in love with. She went from innocent to corrupt in Yifan's hands. Minjun knew they should've went out there to save her after the car was hit. Taecyeon told them they had to leave or they would've gotten killed too. He hadn't made an attempt to save her since she was taken. He wondered what was going on through his mind sometimes. "You know maybe if we keep watching them we can get her back." Nichkhun said. "There's no point in trying, she's been with them for three years." Taecyeon said. Minjun looked to Taecyeon annoyed, "Jay wouldn't want her there." "Have you forgotten he's dead because of her." Taecyeon said. "They weren't after her, he was just trying to protect his wife." Minjun argued. "And look where that's gotten him and us or even her for that matter. No, we stick to the plan let GOT7 take care of them if they want." Taecyeon said. "Don't act like a saint Tae you've put us all at risk over one woman before too and honestly Y/n's life was more valuable than hers or do you not remember your whore, Gi?" He bit back. Taecyeon stood up at the mention of the old girlfriend he had that had led all the remaining members of 2pm into a trap. He had been played by a beautiful face but everyone else had the feeling she was no good. The result was that they had to relocate their base. Y/n at the very least was tight lipped about where their businesses were. Exo hadn't found their warehouse despite having her in their clutches. Chansung stood up and pushed the boys apart, "Alright enough you two. Look Minjun I want to help her too but Tae is right we need to let the younger ones take care of Exo. Y/n's smart she'll keep herself alive." He said. Minjun backed up with a heavy sigh and sat down. Suddenly a whistle came from the other side of the room and all the boys pulled out their guns aiming it to the door. The members of GOT7 stood before them, their leader Im Jaebeom stood before them. His black leather jacket and black jeans made him look like he was a punk rocker or at least apart of a motor cycle gang. The cross hanging off his cuffed earring didn't even slightly mask that he was a sinner. His hands were in his pockets and he stood before them looking very serious. Bam bam was running his thumb along the flat side of his blade. Jackson had his bat resting on his shoulder. Yugyeom stood on the other side of Jaebeom starring at them. Mark looked disinterested in anything going on and Jinyoung kept his hands behind his back. Jaebeom was the one to speak, "We have a plan and you're going to help." Y/N's POV You went back to Yifan's room to take a shower. Halfway through cleaning yourself, Yifan walked into the bathroom. "Y/n what did you find out?" He said. "A few things but first you need to call SM boss." You answered. "Why?" You poked your head out from behind the shower curtain, "JYP's men have be stirring up trouble and he thinks he maybe coming for us next. When we get back, we'll have to make sure we check the banks. All of your businesses too. I have a feeling they're going to try and wipe out a lot of our places." You said. "Sounds like JYP's boys. Will you be okay taking them on? Maybe we should leave you out of it this time, send you somewhere safe." He said. You shook your head, "Absolutely not, no way am I going to be put on the side lines just because of what that brat, Yugyeom did." You said insulted. "It wasn't just him, that Bam bam kid almost killed you too. If anyone else put their hands on you I'd break their necks. You belong to Exo, you're our girl." He said slipping his hand past your wet hair to cup your cheek. "Don't you mean I'm your girl?" You chuckled. "You are mine but when it comes to this group none of the boys would let anything happen to you. We love you too much to see you hurt. I love you." he admitted. "I love you too Yi bear," You kissed his lips. "but I'm not backing down. We're strongest together, which is why you need to call SM boss. Ask him to give you the report on the cop that died." "Why?" Yifan asked. He stepped back to look in the mirror and fix his suit jacket. You turned off the water and stepped out grabbing your towel to wrap around you. "Sehun said he shot the cop in the shoulder and Junmyeon swears he killed the cop. Both boys are sticking to their story. The cop is dead so one of them killed him but it's either Sehun's bullet in you or it's Sehun's bullet in the cop's shoulder. If he has two bullet wounds then the boys are exonerated." "Then that still leaves the question: who shot me?" He said. You shrugged your shoulders, "Third party appearance?" you said. As you got dressed he pulled out his phone to call SM boss. His eyes stayed on you. You motioned for him to put it on speaker and he did as soon as the boss answered. "Yifan, you took your time calling." He said. "Yes sir I apologize for that." "How is your wound?" He said. "Well, Y/n took good care of me. It should heal up nicely now." Yifan responded. "That's good. By now I'm sure she's informed you that GOT7 has been very active recently." He said. "Yes sir. I'll have the businesses looked after and my men on alert, the moment GOT7 steps into our territory we'll know." Yifan answered. You motioned for Yifan to check the report for the cop as you walked past him to get to the bedroom so you could sit on the bed. "Sir about the police report, can you tell me if the cop had two bullet wounds or not?" "I'll have that checked in just a moment. When Jongin called in, he mentioned around the time you were wounded GOT7's Jackson Wang was leaving an adjacent building." SM boss said. You looked up from the floor to see Yifan. So that's why Jongin was late. What the hell, why isn't anyone speaking up about these things? Yifan's eyes landed on you. So GOT7 was already trying to make their move. "I'll speak to him right away." Yifan said. "You should. Oh and the report on your cop, there were two entry wounds a bullet to the back that pierced the heart and one to the shoulder." You nodded, so Sehun and Junmyeon were telling the truth. Yifan still didn't look pleased though. He thanked the boss and hung up and started to walk to the door. You quickly jumped up to follow him out of the door. He was headed to the warehouse section of the building. "Yi think before you act." You warned. "He called the boss instead of talking to me. Do you have any idea what that does to me in his eyes? What was he thinking?" He seethed. "Yifan he saw JYP's man in our territory why wouldn't he have called that in?" You said trying to calm him. "If Jackson was there the rest of GOT7 was there and they would've had to know we were doing that heist which means someone told them." "Or the place was bugged, we don't know what they're capable of Yi but if you go in there accusing your members of trying to kill you, you will start a far bigger problem than what we need right now-" You ran in front of him, stopping him by the door and placing your hand on his chest. "Get out of my way Y/n." "Will you just calm down and look at me." you said. His lips pressed together after he sighed. He looked down at you. "You need to get a grip, those boys in there do not want you dead. Sehun and Junmyeon's names have been cleared, Jackson could've been the one that shot you." "Could've being the main word. This could also be a set up, are you trying to tell me it's not worth looking into or figuring out? Let me do this." He said. "What are you about to do Yi?" He started to move around you and he walked past you, "What are you about to do?" you repeated He had stepped into the warehouse and by now the members had finished counting everything, they were sitting around making jokes and talking to each other. Junmyeon was in the warehouse with them. His eyes fell on Yifan once he walked in. Yifan stepped into the center, looking at the tables all stacked with money. "How much did we take?" He asked. "Just slightly below what we wanted, one hundred and five million." Yixing answered. He nodded, "I'll need twenty-five percent." he said "What?" Both you and Chanyeol said. Yifan nodded, "Twenty five percent," he repeated. "A lot got messed up today but it would seem that someone in here is keeping a secret from me." he said. You threw your hands up when he said that. He turned to Chanyeol, "Why were you two late by the way? You had a good enough head start over the police and we had scrambled their dispatch at just the right time they shouldn't have been on your ass." He said. "Wait so you're going to take more because one of us is lying to you and then you want to know why I was late. How does that make sense?" Chanyeol said. "Well one of you tried to kill me." Yifan said. Chanyeol got silent but his eyes shifted to Junmyeon and Sehun. "No Junmyeon and Sehun are clean, both their bullets were in the cop." Yifan said. "So you take our money. That's bullshit." Chanyeol bit. "Now hold on Chanyeol." You butted in. Yifan held his hand up to you to keep you quiet. "Someone shot me and Junmyeon and Sehun are the best shots we have if they wanted me dead they would've me. So the question is which one of you tried to kill me?" "Yifan." You said in a warning tone. "How does that lead to us being the ones against you? Isn't it possible someone else tried to kill you? Big Bang, Bangtan, Ikon, hell even Johnny might want to kill you a little." Minseok said. "By saying that, it means that someone had to tell one of those groups where we'd be." You sighed frustrated. This was not how things were supposed to go. The atmosphere was extremely tense. Chanyeol was fuming for losing money. You jumped forward to get to Yifan. "Enough of this, what are you doing? This will turn them against each other before they turn on you." You whispered angrily at him. "I intend to find the master mind behind this, in chaos you'll find out two things Y/n, whose got your back and who's plotting to stab you in it. Never forget that." He whispered back. "Et tu Brute." You said. He nodded. You rolled your eyes, "You're as dramatic as Ceaser too." You turned back around and Chanyeol was still fuming, "You're just siding with him aren't you Y/n?" He said. "Chanyeol enough, no one's siding with anyone. He's our boss, wouldn't you be concerned someone's trying to kill you too if you got shot on a heist no one else should've known about?" Jongdae said. "How can you defend that? He's coming up with piss poor excuses to take from us and you're okay with that? Right now he's made us all suspects. How long have we been loyal to him?" Chanyeol snapped. "Why start a fight about it Yeol? We're all innocent it's just a matter of proving our innocence." Luhan said. You turned to Yifan, "I'll tell you what," he started. "Ill give you till tomorrow. Someone better come to me and tell me who told, even if it's a bug planted in one of our areas. If you can give me proof of everyone's innocence I'll split it evenly. Also I want the member hiding information from me to come forth and I already know who it is so if he doesn't show up, you all miss out. If you decide to keep quiet I will take twenty five percent." Yifan said. He headed to the door and you followed him out and flashed a look back at Chanyeol angry at him for making such a big fuss about this. You got Yifan outside and stopped him, "Now what if you've just broken down the dynamic of the group. Exo is a feared group because of our numbers and skills and you have just put that at risk at the most crucial time there is Yifan. Even Julius wouldn't have done that." You said. "Chanyeol got a bit huffy about the split." Yifan mused. "Most of them did Yi." You said. "But he was the most vocal." "That doesn't make him guilty." You said. "No, in fact I don't think he had anything to do with it at all but Jongin was very quiet. Keep an eye on him will you." He said. "Fine." You sighed. "I need to make sure the other businesses are secure when we get back home we'll have to move some things around." "I suggest an off shore account, GOT7 won't be able to touch it no matter what." You said. "Not a bad idea." He said. Yifan walked off and you leaned against the wall with a heavy sigh. Everything was going to hell in a hand basket you could already see it....
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