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Ah yes, It's that time of the Q1 where we (as the mods) in every community to set out the Rules and Guidelines to keep everyone to have a safe , fun experience in this quarter which I am gladly to do to help out for the newcomers for vingle

No Irrelevant Cards -

I've been seeing a lot of cards that are really good but aren't posted in the right communities; but if you want to share your favorites please make sure it is tagged in the right communities

No Spoilers

Some people haven't caught up with the current seasons or didn't see the series at all so but if you guys are going to post spoilers, I am going to make some Spoiler Warning cards for the community so don't you fret!

Don't Be a Clod to others in Private messages or Anywhere else

If you ever see someone being rude, mean or just plain being a clod you can contact @VingleEnglish or Me in my inbox and I will take care of it or You can report it by following the Link down here to explain how! >> How to Report on Vingle

Have Fun!!!

Here in this new community I am hoping that we can grow some more and make new friends as this Quarter Begins!

~* Vingle Gems Support Mods Wanted*~

>> Have you ever wanted to help out in a vingle community? >> Are you active on vingle? >> Do you have a Kakao or Kik? If you answer those three questions above I am looking for helpers for Steven Universe because 1.) College will be starting in a few couple of weeks and I will not be on as much , 2) I need someone or some people to keep an eye on it and also need commitment of this community If you are willing or Interested on joining the Vingle Gems please leave a comment down below or Inbox me!
Steven Universe Fam Taglist If you want to be added or removed please leave a comment down below! A. @AaliyahNewbell B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. @OppasManBun P. Q. R. S. @Seera916 T. U. V. @VeronicaArtino W. X. Y. Z. @ZephyrBlaze
My Tag lists A.@Arnelli @AsilaYoung @AidenMalinowski @AloraGrimm @axel47982 @Animaniafreak @AnimeDragon @AustinThurston @ALEXCAMACHO @amberg16 @alliepetey @AshCrimson B.@BlackDragon88 @begone @BlackoutZJ @brnsime69 @bud113 @BND737 @BryceTerao @blackirishawk C. @ChrisSantiago @CourtneyDoose @ChienWeiHuang @ChangoLeon @crimsonsasuke @Captpeter D.@DaiGakuSei @DaequanLewis @DEEZYanFRIENDZ @Dlopez0311113 @DestineeLiu @DantaeVereen @deathkittenz97 @devinrohers E.@ErikFrausto @EstefanOlivares @ElizabethCaaman @ErnestoSalgado @EvilGenius @Eli20 F.@f8lessdawg @Furutsu @Fedplz G.@gildas H.@hikaymm @HeidyAgramonte @HiwaRasul @havic I. @IRISHVIXIONVah J. @just4cheeky @jevonlowery @jdude237 @JeremyGilmore @JamalWallace @JoseLuisRobles @JazziJay @jacobhathaway @jjbosy @JasminMartinez K.@KarouKuroo @KennethHansen @Kirik @KaylanMadorri @KurosakiJess @KenonWilliams @KarkittyOtaku @KaneMau @KellyOConnor L. @LadyL @LadyLuna @LateefMolette @LizaNightshade @LittleHorn @LuffyNewman @Lunawolf129 @lovelywhite13 @lushisushi @LemonLassie M. @MichelleIbarra @MichaelPeltier @MaryMcCOmbs @MissAguria @MadAndrea @MaigdlinS @MichealCochran @MorghanPorter @MahoganyArnold @MTEverest @Mcboss @MajahnNelson @MaddyScoop @martinsebastian @mikeystumbo N. @NyghtOwl @NikolasSatterwh @natsudragneel03 @noWaifuNoLaifu O. @OtakuDemon10 P. @Priscillasdoor @pandalyn @P1B2Bear Q. R. @rpat1500 @RachelMacy @Reaperg15 @raditorchillt @RobertWhite S. @ShaneGerahty @SSJ4Vgeta1986 @SydneyKindberg @Stoney @StevenFlicks @Sharia @ScottGardner @SeanVigi @Shad0wrunner @samihudson @ShinoYuki T. @tbell2 @TroyxAkashi @tianadau2002 @TurtleyTurtles @TanaeaHarper @TracyLynnn @TheAnimeGod @templar0122 @TerraToyaSi U. V. @VeronicaArtino W. X. @XavierLopez Y. Z. @ziggyb113 @ZephyrBlaze #’s.
Yes, finally an SU community! I want to be tagged, please!
I'm glad someone isn't blind to the irrelevant cards. Also it's OK if I post in this community right? :3
love these rules c:
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