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Que tal peeps!

I just want to let all my Ride or Die peeps know that I still will be active in the BTS Community even though I'm not on the BTS Squad this quarter. I love BTS and I'm thankful for my peeps!

So let's get into this fiction

Mature Content

"Naw I'm out bro." Yoongi said. Jimin grabbed Yoongi and threw him into your pink wooden chair. Jimin grabbed some of your panties and tied Yoongi to the chair. You were surprised how pissed Jimin was about the relationship you and Yoongi had. But this side of him was turning you on and low key you were attracted to Yoongi. Jimin got behind you and entered you without mercy. He planned to make a point proving you were his woman. You moaned loudly as your nails dug into your pink flower printed bed sheets. You bit your lip and looked down as you felt Jimin slap your butt. Yoongi wanted to yell for help. But he didn't want to seem like a punk. The guys would roast him forever. Besides he had to prove he was more of a man than Jimin. He always liked you and was pissed when he found out that you were dating Jimin. Jimin pulled your hair causing you to look at Yoongi. "Tell him who is your oppa!" You look deep into Yoongi eyes as another moan escaped your lips. " are...." Jimin moaned and smiled as you replied. The bed began shaking as Jimin continued to pound you from behind. You thought your small twin sized bed would break, but it would be worth it. Yoongi couldn't believe how much he was enjoying seeing Jimin handle you so roughly in such a way. Yoongi begin thinking what he would do to you as you moaned Jimin's name and his ears were filled with the sounds of you and Jimin becoming one. Yoongi pants was super tight around his bulge. He began moving his arms. Jimin was too lost into you to notice. The fabric restraining Yoongi was giving in and becoming loose. Jimin tossed you on your back and pulled your legs behind your head. Any normal woman would feel ashamed to be so exposed. The bed board began grinding against the wall. You thought Jimin would never stop screwing you. Your eyes roll as you suddenly come. Jimin slapped your bum. "Oppa didn't ask you to come." "Oppa you are so good baby. I couldn’t...." Suddenly Yoongi was released from the thin fabric holding him down. He slowly stand up and.............

Options.....Voting time

1. Quickly runs away like a child 2. Covers his face and vomits 3. Pull out his cell phone and records 4. Smirks and pulls off your shirt PLEASE PICK ONLY ONE!

Ride Or Die Peeps


Those asking to be tagged to this...

I'm starting to realize just how thirsty our fandom is......... but 4 though
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@Insfired glad to have met someone else who feels it spiritually.
I love Suga and Jimin this is just great for me. To not say 4 now is a crime.
4! 4! 4! 😂😅
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